Twitter humiliates ‘hillbilly traitor’ McConnell after devastating ad


A devastating new video ad shreds Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and Twitter added injury to the insult with humiliating gifs and images.

The ad highlights the lowlights of McConnell’s career, from his early days carrying water for corporate donors to his obstructionism and open contempt for President Obama.

Created by Save America Fund, the ad reminds voters that McConnell has been labeled “Darth Vader,” “Grim Reaper,” and “The Man Who Broke America” because of his eagerness to block legislation and enable President Trump. And, in what may be the lowest of the lowlights, McConnell has refused to pass legislation to protect American elections from Russian interference, making #MoscowMitch go viral more than once.

Save America Fund, the organization that created the ad, supports Amy McGrath, one of several Democrats running in Kentucky’s June 23 primary to determine who will face McConnell in the fall.

The ad spawned countless humiliating gifs and images on Twitter that are likely to make McConnell’s supporters cringe as they think of pulling the lever for him in November.


#MoscowMitch Explained

A Soviet style propaganda poster shows Mitch McConnell in a Soviet Uniform.

Flickr / WMXdesign

As Senate Majority Leader, McConnell can’t pass legislation on his own, but he can control which bills are  — or are not — brought to the floor for a vote. His failure to bring forward legislation to protect U.S. elections from foreign (Russian) interference earned him the nickname Moscow Mitch and the contempt of those who care about our democracy.

Suppressing the vote

People protesting voter supression

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McConnell is working hand in hand with Trump to tilt the 2020 election in Republicans’ favor. The false claims that mail-in voting leads to voter fraud are part of the GOP’s broader effort to suppress the vote, and McConnell is at the center of it all.

‘Turtle’ McConnell is worse than ‘Cheeto’ Trump

A baby sea turtle on a beach


Name-calling aside, many Twitter users have argued, with some justification, that McConnell is doing more to harm the country than Trump is.

Due to the fact that  McConnell is unwilling to stand up to Trump, or even comment on Trump’s most offensive words and actions, McConnell has been compared to a turtle pulling his head into his shell.

Twitter makes McConnell’s face mirror his soul —and it’s not pretty


The ad also highlights McConnell’s decades-long track record of opposing campaign finance reform and taking millions from corporate donors. Twitter decided McConnell should own his actions and wear them on his face.

‘Chokehold Mitch’ is a Confederate statue that needs to be removed

Joe Scarborough wearing glasses

Screenshot / MSNBC

The death of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer who kneeled on his neck for nine minutes, led to calls for police reform. But McConnell has blocked police reform legislation that includes a ban on the use of chokeholds by law enforcement.

As a result, Joe Scarborough dubbed him “Chokehold Mitch” and Twitter decided McConnell is yet another Confederate statue that needs to be removed.

A ‘hillbilly traitor’

McConnell at a podium with senators behind him

Screenshot / YouTube

The slur “hillbilly” is an offense to the good people of Kentucky, but, then again, McConnell himself is an offense to the people of Kentucky as well. And as for “traitor,” what other word describes a man who is leading the effort to rig an election and stack the courts with judges who will trample on Americans’ civil liberties?

‘The slimiest majority leader in history’

A photograph of Justice Brett Kavanaugh raging.

Screenshot / Youtube


McConnell’s despicable acts — ramming through Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court, blocking Merrick Garland’s — are so long that it’s hard to remember all of them. The ad reminds us that just a few months ago, McConnell rigged the Senate impeachment process to ensure that no witnesses could testify.

For that, McConnell earned yet another title: “The slimiest majority leader in history.”

McConnell told the president to shut up — the wrong president

Side by side photo of Trump and Obama

Screenshot / YouTube

The ad includes McConnell’s on-camera comment that President Obama “should have kept his mouth shut.” But McConnell has rarely objected to Trump’s baseless allegations, conspiracy-theorizing, and decidedly unpresidential rhetoric.

And, as the ad shows, McConnell has kept his mouth shut when he shouldn’t, refusing, for example, to comment when a reporter asked about the tear-gassing of peaceful protesters for Trump’s photo op.

Defeating ‘The face of corruption’

Moscow Mitch screws Kentucky military families in favor of Trump's border wall vanity project 1

Progressives believe defeating Trump in November isn’t enough, and McConnell’s extraordinary obstructionism during the Obama administration is evidence they’re correct. Sweeping the House, the Senate, and the White House means sweeping McConnell out of office.

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