Devastating ad of Biden jogging with Obama mocks Trump’s ‘strength and stamina’

Side by side photographs of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Wikimedia / Flickr

A brutal new ad burning through social media outlets this week contrasts a spry Biden running around the White House with the slow and awkward gait of Trump descending the ramp at West Point.

Relying on visuals and mood music, the ad says so much without saying much at all. The final slide drives it home with the message: “Biden: He can run and drink water.” The video is especially powerful when you remember the way Trump questioned Hillary’s “STRENGTH and STAMINA” while he was on the campaign trail. Now, it appears the tables have turned.


Twitter brings visual aids

Profile shot of Biden

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

For those who believed Trump’s claims about the steepness of the ramp, Twitter brought visual aids showing how Biden traversed that same ramp without difficulty.

Better health

Jimmy Carter looking to the right

Flickr / Georgia Tech

Trump’s health is a concern for many.

Run and drink water are just two of the things Biden can do

Biden standing with a microphone

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

He can also…

Showing the love

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While people definitely recognized the silliness of the ad, they found it rather fitting.

But mostly…Twitter can’t stop laughing

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