GOP group’s most devastating ad yet slams Trump for his willful COVID-19 testing failure. Twitter implodes.

A photograph of Donald Trump's head floats among images of coronavirus cells.

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The Lincoln Project’s latest anti-Trump ad focuses on frightening comments the president made about coronavirus testing. During his lightly attended campaign kick-off rally in Tulsa, the president told his followers that he had instructed his staff to, “Slow the testing down, please.”

The Lincoln Project zoomed in on Trump’s confession. “The most deceptive, lying president in history finally told the truth,” the ad opens. “Somehow it was more shocking than all his deceptions.” Footage plays of Trump explaining that if you do more testing, you find more cases, so he told “his people” to slow it down.

Slow the testing down?

The Lincoln Project wants viewers to understand exactly what it means to slow down testing:

“Slow down our chance to save tens of thousands of lives.

“Slow down our understanding of where COVID is and how it’s spreading. 

“Slow down the steps to reopen the economy.

“Every single expert told him to test more and test faster, and now we know his response.

“That’s why this November, more than ever, the choice is clear. It’s America or Trump.” 

The hashtag #AmericaorTrump is taking off. Watch the ad, and check out Twitter users’ reactions below.

Excuse me, lock WHO up?

A photograph of Hilary Clinton waving to supporters.

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After calling for the incarceration of Hillary Clinton, and the investigation of Biden (and anyone else Trump didn’t like), the now-impeached president wants to skate by about his part in the deaths of over 120,000 Americans. Oh, and make jokes about it.

History will not be kind to Donald Trump

Photo of the Titanic wreck on the bottom of the ocean


History is dotted with stories of people who knew there was danger and went full steam ahead. This is how Trump will be remembered for not testing, not tracing, and not protecting the lives of the American people from COVID-19.

Even if Trump won only because of the Electoral College, the end result is the same.

Because COVID testing is the problem?

A photograph of healthcare workers at a drive thru coronavirus testing site.

Flickr / The National Guard

If testing were the problem, we could just stop testing for everything, right?

It is no surprise that the president prefers lower numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases to knowing the facts.

Members of the government have stopped listening to the president about testing.

Trump standing at a microphone

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North Carolina State Senator Jeff Jackson is not slowing down coronavirus testing.

Even Republican Senators are calling for more testing.

Criminal confession

A close up photo of a gavel

Unsplash / Bill Oxford

If he weren’t shielded from prosecution, this president might find himself charged with murder.

Lack of testing is just part of Trump’s deadly response to the coronavirus.

The proof is in the pudding

A photograph of tombstones in a graveyard.


The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, but about a third of the world’s COVID-19 cases. NOT testing is NOT working.

Orwellian logic

Man in red shirt with his hands in his hair

MeidasTouch also produced its own commentary on the president’s coronavirus response.

A low point in Trump’s already pathetic Tulsa rally

A photograph of Trump speaking to a half empty stadium in Tulsa.


The president boasted about a million people who would flock to his Tulsa rally to celebrate his “return” to the campaign trail. “We’ve never had an empty seat. And we won’t in Oklahoma.” But when the Tulsa rally night rolled around, the stadium was barely a third full. Without coronavirus testing and contact tracing, it seems most people feel safer staying away.

Trump would probably rather we talk about testing than his explanation about the ramp

New Anti-Trump Ads Highlight Failed Rally and Trump’s Fear of Women

Flickr / Peter Stevens

The Tulsa rally didn’t just give material about Trump’s resistance to coronavirus testing. @FindAClearTruth has put out a video of the president’s “ramp rant” too.

There is even a ramp video narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

And when it comes to walking, don’t look to Trump’s second in command to make it look any easier.

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