‘MeidasTouch is hitting it out of the park’: Inspiring pro-Biden ad pushes #WeWantJoe to number 1 on Twitter

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If Joe Biden is going to beat Donald Trump, it will happen in Pennsylvania.

That message is the opening to the latest viral Meidas Touch ad. After the release of the video, the hashtag #WeWantJoe rocketed to number 1 on Twitter.

Joe Biden pins his hope on winning Pennsylvania—and the crowd roared with approval. “Dear Pennsylvania,” he begins, and he addresses his “native town of Scranton.” Biden praises the “hardworking middle-class Americans.”


‘The backbone of this nation’

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Twitter sent a tidal wave of support.

Middle Class Joe

Biden standing with a microphone

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To a rousing backdrop of music, the Democrat candidate calls himself “Middle Class Joe.”

Compare this to an abysmally poor turnout at his Tulsa rally, Donald Trump weighed himself against the “elite,” bragging:

“I look better than them. Much more handsome. Got better hair than they do. I got nicer properties; I got nicer houses, I got nicer apartment, I got nicer everything.”

In contrast, Joe Biden humbles himself. In this ad, he admits the nickname ‘Middle Class Joe’ was not always complimentary, but “usually that [I’m] not sophisticated.”

The dignified one

Side by side photographs of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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It is no secret which candidate Twitter thinks has more decency or is more dignified.

Reward work over wealth

Female factory worker in a hard hat


Where Trump makes it all about himself, Joe Biden recognizes the hardworking, industrious Americans who built this country. “It’s time to start rewarding work over wealth,” says Joe.

The ad cleverly weaves footage of Biden with the Trumps. You see Joe Biden mingling among crowds, shaking their hands and thanking ordinary Americans.

Then it cuts to images of Donald Trump against an ostentatious background of a glittering chandelier and a headline “Trump will personally save up to $15m under tax bill, analysis finds.”

Where Trump wants to extend a tax overhaul for individuals, Biden would tax the wealthiest 1% with three-quarters of his proposed increase. An analysis by the Tax Policy Center shows that Biden’s proposed tax hike will increase revenue by $4 trillion between 2021 and 2030.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Healthcare worker looks out a window

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Joe Biden shouts, “Health care is a right, not a privilege” to resounding applause. In the next shot, Trump leans over the podium, and reveals: “We want to terminate health care.”

There is a stark contrast between the two men: one calling to extend healthcare as a universal right to all Americans and the other wanting to cut it altogether.

Trump’s budget contains cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Biden wants to create public health insurance to make affordable health care to all. He also proposes extending Medicare for all Americans over 60.

‘Well past time’ to raise the minimum wage

A person holding open an empty wallet


Joe Biden proposes raising the national minimum wage to $15. It is “well past time,” says the Democratic candidate. We see Joe Biden hugging and shaking his supporters’ hands, as the chants of “We want Joe!” grow louder and louder.

We can do this — #WeWantJoe

A photograph of Joe Biden speaking.

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

“Dear Pennsylvania,” the ad ends, “We can do this.” Black and white, with capital letters, the final message is clear: VOTE FOR JOE.

#WeWantJoe is going viral on Twitter.

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