‘Are they the same lobster?’ 9 hilarious Sarah Cooper videos lip-syncing Trump that went viral on Twitter

Sarah Cooper


Comedian Sarah Cooper has become an internet sensation with her hilarious Donald Trump lip-syncing videos.

Using facial expressions and a few props, Cooper illustrates the absurdity in the President’s words and manages to go viral nearly every time. The TikTok videos which she shares on Twitter have covered everything from the Tulsa rally to Maine lobsters.

Here are nine of her most popular (and hilarious) videos:

Maine lobsters and the EU

Cooper has listened to his speeches countless times to perfect her lip-syncing, and it has given her a special insight into his speech patterns. She says “it’s interesting to look at his word choices.”

Millions of people

Her imitation of Trump’s Tulsa rally bragging garnered nearly a half-million likes on Twitter.

A father’s love

Cooper did an impression of both Don Sr. and Don Jr. in “How to happy father’s day.”

Better than Abe?

Trump makes a few bold claims in this one.

A ‘feedback loop’

Sarah Cooper explained her theory on Trump’s storytelling, “He’s telling himself a story and then that story is coming back out of his mouth. It’s just this feedback loop inside his head.”


Trump tried to explain away his visit to the Bunker during a night of protests in D.C. Cooper gives it her own special flair.

His second favorite book

“How to bible” is a fan favorite.

A helio-chat

Adding wind blowing through her hair was a nice touch…

Ever the smartest guy in the room

Cooper helps Trump with his explanation of per capita.

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