#TRE45ON: Three viral anti-Trump ads you need to share

Trump and Putin having a chat


The media companies and Super PACs have been busy this weekend cranking out the anti-Trump viral ads.

Three ads were released that managed to get hashtags trending on Twitter:

    • The Lincoln Project’s ad was pushed with the tag #TRE45ON
    • Really American’s video was tagged #EndTheNightmare
    • MeidasTouch’s contribution had #ByeIvanka trending again

Collectively, the ads were shared over 100,000 times on Twitter while also getting thousands of comments and likes. Watch the three ads below, and then go join the conversation.

The Lincoln Project: Bounty


Trump talking to Putin


The news that Putin allegedly put a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan has caused anger and dismay, but plenty of people admitted that they weren’t surprised by the way Trump handled it.

The Lincoln Project asks, “How can Trump lead America when he can’t even defend it?”

Some pointed out that Trump isn’t acting alone.

Really American: The Risk


Trump standing at a podium


People came with receipts:

Once again, Twitter users pointed out the enabling of the GOP.

But mostly, people just want him gone.

MeidasTouch: Bye Ivanka II


Ivanka Trump exiting a plane

Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station

Twitter users are about as fond of his children as they are the man himself. However, people seem to have particular vitriol for Trump’s favorite child, Ivanka. It may be because of her government pretending, or it may be because she is so busy playing American princess.

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