Militant group attacks participants at musical vigil for murdered man

Screenshot / Twitter

A violin vigil held in celebration of the life of Elijah McClain was violently interrupted when a militant group swarmed the park where the vigil was being held and attacked the participants with batons and tear gas.

McClain was beaten and killed last year in Aurora, Colorado, as he was walking home from a convenience store where he purchased iced tea. The 23-year-old was known for playing his violin at animal shelters to soothe the animals waiting for adoption, the inspiration for the people who gathered in the park with stringed instruments — playing in his honor.

The vigil was interrupted when a violent group swarmed into the park, accosting those enjoying the music and paying their respects to McClain.

A cellist who attended the vigil said that there were “children in the crowd, musicians playing, people holding candles” when the attack started. She describes the group’s actions as “beating people with batons and spraying tear gas in their faces.”

Videos of the incident were shared on social media:

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