‘You’re either a coward or you’re complicit’: GOP group’s stunning new ad rips Trump over Russian bounties

Black and white photo of Trump

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Republican Super PAC, The Lincoln Project, released two knock-out anti-Trump ads taking aim at the President’s betrayal of American troops and his racism.

In “Betrayed,” Former U.S Navy SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff holds nothing back as he calls out Trump’s cowardice and failure to stand up to Putin. Barkhuff looks directly at the camera while saying, “We need to send this draft dodger back to his golf courses. The lives of our troops depend on it.” The ad blew up on Twitter getting shared thousands and thousands of times.

The second video, which was released on Wednesday morning, juxtaposes the victory in Mississippi where the state flag featuring the “star and bars” of the Confederate battle flag will be removed from the state capitol within 15 days with Trump tweeting out videos that say “white power” from the golf course. The ad ends on an uplifting note — showing the hope that Biden brings.


Putin: afraid or complicit?

Medium shot of Putin


Trump may have claimed that he wasn’t aware of the intel originally, but now he definitely knows, so people are wondering when he will say or do something about it.


Donald Trump on a golf course leaning on a club.

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Some are trying to get a new hashtag trending:

Some did disagree with one part of the Lincoln Project Video:


'A permanent stain on the American story': Photo of National Guard blocking protestors from Lincoln Memorial goes viral
Twitter loves subtle shade.

But some wanted to remind everyone that Trump should not be considered a Republican.


Pride for Mississippi

Cheerleader holding white pom pons


Twitter had three cheers for the progress made in Mississippi.

Shining a light in all the dark places

A cockroach on a sidewalk

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A light to send him scurrying…

Hate on display

Donald Trump giving a speech

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People are glad that Trump’s hate and racism is being put on full display.

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