‘Can’t get the smile off my face’: Twitter adores GOP group’s new ad ripping Trump’s ties to Putin—in Russian

'Comrade Trump': New Lincoln Project ad trolls Trump for his ties to Putin. In Russian. So Twitter implodes.

Screenshot / YouTube

The Lincoln Project released a scorching new ad that slams Comrade Trump for his relationship with Putin. The entire ad is in Russian with English subtitles.

Using Russian propaganda videos as a template, the Lincoln Project mixes photos of Putin and Trump with community symbolism. The narrator, speaking only in Russian, refers to the president as “Comrade Trump.” The ad ends with:

“Russia thanks you for your loyalty and friendship.”

When sharing the ad to Twitter, the Republican Super PAC tweeted, “Trump first, Russia second, and America last.” It was trending within moments.


Twitter loves the new Lincoln Project ad

Screenshot / Youtube

Twitter users couldn’t get enough of this new brutal anti-Trump ad. That is probably why they have already shared it more than 55,000 times.

Trump has officially killed the GOP

GOPCowards ad 1

Screenshot / Twitter

Users have made it clear: there is no more Republican party. Trump officially killed it.

Comrade Trump

A photograph of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump painted on Russian matryoshka or "nesting" dolls


We already have a Moscow Mitch, might as well add a Comrade Trump.

Pelosi was right

Nancy Pelosi standing in front of American Flags


All roads lead to Putin.

‘Let’s sweep Team Trump into the dustbin of history’

Biden standing with a microphone

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Twitter users are ready for a change.

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