‘A golden-spoon slumlord’: Viral new anti-Kushner ad sets Twitter on fire

Flickr / U.S. Department of State

MeidasTouch went after Jared Kushner and Trump’s reliance on him as a senior advisor in their newest ad: He went to Jared.

The video combined news footage covering Kushner’s exploits over the course of the Trump presidency. It lingers on the fact that Jared was denied security clearance and his incompetence as part of those in the administration handling the coronavirus pandemic. The ad ends with a gut punch:

When America needed leadership most

He went to Jared

We paid the price


It’s a low bar

Trump with a very red face

Screenshot / YouTube

Some Twitter users agree that Kushner could be a step up from the current leader…but a step up still isn’t saying much.

‘Golden-spoon slumlord’

Jared Kushner sitting in a chair

Flickr/Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Twitter users aren’t surprised that things didn’t go well with Kushner in charge.

The golden boy’s shine is wearing off


Word on the street is the President is not too happy with some of the recent advice his son-in-law has supplied…

Let us count the ways

Jared Kushner at an event

Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Twitter once again brought the receipts.

Corrupt = Trump

Donald Trump and his three oldest children at an event


Twitter wants to change the meaning of Trump.

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