‘A nation divided like I’ve never seen before’: Twitter makes the case Trump Is destroying America

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Trump is not only a President. He is a pathogen. Increasingly, studies are demonstrating that the President of the United States is bad for public mental health.

Following Trump’s inauguration as “POTUS” in 2016, national suicide hotlines reached a record high in incoming calls. Moreover, psychiatrists, campus counselors, and mental health services are reporting increases in calls and visits. There is an increase of “Trump anxiety” taking place behind closed doors in therapy sessions. Trump is bad for you, and it is time to quit.

Toxic twitter tirades

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The President’s toxic Twitter tirades have sent ripples of anxiety, fear, and anger into the mental space. His brazen lies to the American people, his bullying tactics, and his misogyny and open sexualization of his daughters — these all leave a mark.

Donald Trump has mocked female reporters, made openly racist comments, and boasted he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue without losing any voters. The man who was elected on the promise will “win so much, [we’ll] be sick of winning” has presented only losses such as the loss of America’s image on a global scale.

The public has lost respect for their leader. Finally, the loss of 131 thousand American lives to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tragic reality is that many of these lives could have been saved if the President had cared about the people first, and himself second.

The President ‘pisses ice-water’

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The President’s long-time mentor Roy Cohn is reported to have said “He pisses ice water.”

Donald Trump is obsessed with power and status. In May, millions of anxious Americans tuned into the President’s daily coronavirus press briefings for information on the ongoing pandemic.

The President used the airtime to offer confusing and contradictory information, point fingers of blame, and divert attention away from himself. The President boasted about his ratings, comparing his conferences to an episode of the TV show “The Bachelor.”

Google’s answer to ‘Worst Person to Lead’

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When you type “Worst Person to Lead” into a Google Images search: images of Donald Trump appear.

Peter Wehner is the Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) and a writer at The Atlantic. He served under three Administrations of the United States. On Donald Trump, he warned:

When an individual comes to believe his interests and those of the nation he leads are one and the same, it opens the door to all sorts of moral and constitutional devilry.

Donald Trump is bad for you. And there are several reasons to Quit Trump.

Donald Trump breaks up families

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Donald Trump has divided families both at home and on the border. Firstly, the separation of children and their parents at the US-Mexican border caused global outrage. Recent findings of a non-profit human rights group found the separation of children from their families by the Trump administration constitutes torture.

Meanwhile, even within hardcore Trump loyalist families, cracks are beginning to appear.

Trump is dividing American families. Many Republican loyalists who have voted hand-on-heart for their party for generation after generation, find they can no longer condone their choice. Children are fighting with their parents. Grandchildren are becoming distanced from their grandparents. The divisive decision over whether or not to support a narcissistic President, whom many psychiatrists fear is a sociopath, is causing the American family unit to crumble and break apart.

Trump is bad for your mental health

Twitter ridicules Trump's picks to reopen the economy 3


Donald Trump thrives on chaos. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” could be the resounding motto of the White House press room. His tyrannical tirades on Twitter — sometimes running to several hundred tweets a day — dilute the dangerous truths among the fantasy.

The President’s geopolitical maneuvers have been ludicrous. He praises dictators such as Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (“Love your shoes“) and in addition, he insults allies, fighting with democratic Germany (“Bad, very bad“).

Trump causes toxic stress

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Since the election of Donald Trump, the American public has faced daily stress and anxiety. The President’s thoughtless statements and outrageous orders inflict uncertainty and worry into the public mind. From his Muslim travel ban through his declaration to make Mexico build a wall, in short, these all send ripples of fear through American public life. His throwaway comments on golf courses about “fire and fury” to North Korea created fear of a global nuclear war.

Toxic stress is the “extreme, frequent, or extended activation of the stress response, without the buffering presence of a supportive adult. Risk factors for toxic stress in childhood include neglect and abuse, extreme poverty, family violence, substance abuse, and parental mental health problems.”

Trump is bad for your bank account

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The American public is sailing into a storm with no one at the helm. This is causing ripples of stress, anxiety, and division in society. 74% of Americans are worried about the loss of civil liberties, 1 in 3 Americans are concerned about access to health care, and over half of millennials fear an all-out nuclear war. The global Black Lives Matter movement is a further indication of the divided nation.

On top of all of that, nearly half of working adults are unemployed.

Trump is bad for your children

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Dr.Bandy Lee is a Yale psychiatrist and author of the bestselling book: “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” In a recent interview, she argued,

The problem is that when there is a person like Donald Trump who is impaired in the higher functions of the brain, the lower functions — the primitive or ‘reptilian’ brain — become more powerful than ever before. Donald Trump feeds off fear and insecurity. These impulses drive him to control through social media and foster paranoia and distrust.

The toxic stress has already spread to the playground. There are reports of children quoting Trump to bully their classmates. The toxicity will filter down to the next generation and could damage American children for years to come. It is time to quit Trump.

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