‘This is such a perfect video’: Twitter goes wild for ad calling #BenedictDonald ‘America’s number one traitor’

VoteVets ad calls #BenedictDonald America's number one traitor

Flickr / August Schwerdfeger

Benedict Arnold is a name synonymous with the word traitor. But the new VoteVets ad announces, “there is a new traitor sullying those hallowed Army grounds” of West Point: Donald Trump.

The video slams Trump for taking Putin’s word over the evidence presented by “the best American military intelligence,” and also highlights the fact that Trump called the report about Russia putting bounties on the lives of American soldiers, “just another hoax.”

VoteVets ends the ad saying Arnold can “step aside” because “Benedict Donald is America’s #1 traitor.”


Here’s the video—and the link to donate:

Benedict Donald is perfection

Trump standing in front of an American flag wearing a MAGA hat and giving a thumb's up


Twitter agrees this VoteVets ad is the perfect celebration of Independence Day.

Trump is worse than Arnold

Illustration of Benedict Arnold


People could come up with Arnold’s redeeming qualities, but they were coming up short on Benedict Trump’s.

A message for veterans

A photograph of a row of men in military dress uniforms.


VoteVets claims to have been blocked by Trump on Twitter, but that isn’t stopping them from spreading their message far and wide.


Trump sitting at his desk in the Oval Office

Flickr / The White House

He has called many things a hoax…

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