‘Trump literally writes his own attack ads’: Twitter salutes 2 scorching new viral ads from MeidasTouch

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Over the holiday weekend, MeidasTouch released two scorching new anti-Trump ads.

The first, which was released on the 4th of July, is entitled “Will YOU Declare Independence From Trump?” It uses audio from a JFK speech with voiceovers of various presidents being sworn into office, but it then cleverly cuts between these proud moments with gut-wrenching footage from the last few months. The word “life” is juxtaposed with people dying from coronavirus, “liberty” is stamped over footage of the police abusing demonstrators, and “happiness” is contrasted with the unemployment lines.

The video packs a powerful punch.

But MeidasTouch didn’t stop with just one video this weekend. They also dropped “Trump Has No Credibility.”

In less than 60 seconds, the media company uses Trump’s own words against him — to smash the president’s credibility. The video moves from coronavirus deaths to Trump’s bowing and scraping with dictators.

WATCH: Will YOU Declare Independence From Trump


Elderly woman holding a "Dump Trump" sign

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There were plenty of Twitter users who agreed with the sentiments.

Bringing the jokes

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As usual, Twitter was able to laugh despite the seriousness of the situation.

A new slogan

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Trump has been having trouble sticking to a message in recent months. Twitter helped him out and created a new slogan:

WATCH: Trump Has No Credibility

Pathological liar

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Trump has lied so many times, even Ted Cruz (R-TX) has called him out for it.

The ads write themselves

President Trump standing at a podium

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These anti-Trump groups don’t have to work very hard to create these killer ads. Trump practically writes the script for them!

A dangerous liar

Trump talking to Putin


It isn’t just that he is a liar, he is also a danger to the American people.

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