‘Trump Virus’: Blistering new viral ad blasts the President’s anti-Asian slurs, renames pandemic after him

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The President of the United States often refers to SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus as the “Chinese Flu” or “Kung Flu.” Is Trump that ignorant, or is he trying to shift the blame to China? One thing is sure: Asian-Americans are paying the price for what some are calling the “Trump Virus.”

Hate crimes are on the rise. Asian-Americans are becoming the target of violent hate crimes in the United States. There were over 800 incidents of crimes against Asian people in California in the last three months alone. The spike in cases corresponded with the President’s use of the racial slur names for COVID-19.

In one incident, a man attacked an Asian-American family at a shopping mall in Texas. The father and his two children were all stabbed. The children were just 2 and 6 years old, and the older son was slashed in the face. The FBI has confirmed this was a hate crime.

ReallyAmerican snaps back

ReallyAmerican, the anti-Trump media agency whose videos are causing a storm on social media, released a video on Tuesday. The video captures the racial crisis unfolding in the United States, caused by the President’s racist words. It shows footage of Asian-Americans as the targets of verbal and physical abuse.

Trump takes no responsibility

Black and white photo of Trump

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A reporter voices her concerns over the effect of terms such as “Kung Flu,” and the President dismisses it: “No, not at all. I think they probably […uh…] would agree with it 100%.”

The video ends by pointing out that the United States has 5% of the global population and 25% of the coronavirus cases. ReallyAmerican makes it blindingly clear: this is the “Trump Virus.”

Twitter thundered in agreement.

An emphatic yes

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Twitter users were 100% onboard with renaming it the Trump Virus.

Worst Outbreak = Worst Leader?

Trump with a confused expression on his face

Screenshot / YouTube

There are so many things the President doesn’t understand…or refuses to understand?

Trump needs to get his facts straight

George Conway's hilarious list proves Trump has issues with Geography 2


The United States is leading the world in infections. Soon the rest of the planet may start referring to it as the Trump Virus as well.

Not so fast

Donald Trump walking outside

Flickr / The White House

The United States is the global epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Europe has announced a travel ban on Americans entering their countries. The blame for America’s tragedy cannot be held by China. It can go somewhere, however:

As usual, Twitter had some great ideas:

Ode to the Trump Virus

Photo of an orchestra playing


A little lullaby to sing him to sleep in his bunker.

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words…

Multiple vintage cameras


This one will likely haunt your nightmares.

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