These 11 viral videos are the most devastating anti-Trump ads

  • 07/12/2020 9:24 am ET Sabrina Matthews
An image of Donald Trump surrounded by red warning signs.


There is a steady stream of anti-Trump ads going viral these days. Because there is no shortage of presidential disaster to cover, these videos often use a script supplied by the president himself.

From his most horrifying statements to his most absurd gaffs, footage of Trump is often the most effective example of both his atrocious presidency and the danger of giving him a second term.

Ranging from dark, thought-provoking, to just downright hilarious, here are eleven favorites from recent debuts.

Creepy Trump Hates Women

A photograph of Donald Trump leaning his puckered lips toward a beauty pageant contestant during a photo shoot.

Screenshot / YouTube

Two viral anti-Trump ads show Trump being inappropriate, misogynistic, and down-right creepy. Both MeidasTouch’s “Creepy Trump,” and Don Winslow Films’s “Trump Hates Women” are aimed at showing the president’s true colors to the female voting block.

1. MeidasTouch: ‘Creepy Trump’

2. Don Winslow Films: ‘Trump Hates Women’

‘Has your party left you?’

A photograph of Ronald Reagan

Gage Skidmore/ Flickr

Republican Voters Against Trump has released “Shining City on a Hill,” another devastating anti-Trump ad aimed at those Republican voters who feel the GOP has left them behind. Reagan’s words roll over today’s America; long lines at a food bank, unemployment statistics, and the mistreatment of peaceful protestors.

The ad ends with the question, “Has your party left you?”

3. Republican Voters Against Trump: “Shining City on a Hill”

ReallyAmerican snaps back

A photograph of Donald Trump's head floats among images of coronavirus cells.

COURIER Illustration

ReallyAmerican, the anti-Trump media agency whose ads are causing a storm on social media, released a video on Tuesday. “Trump Virus” captures the crisis unfolding in the United States, focusing on damage caused by the President’s racist words.

4.  ReallyAmerican: ‘Trump Virus’

Trump and friends pocketed PPP money

A cartoon of Trump with money raining down


Another MeidasTouch anti-Trump ad reveals just some of the presidents’ friends and relatives who pocketed billions in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) money. Voters may think twice about an administration who would grift off of the coronavirus relief CARES act.

5. MeidasTouch: ‘Leave Me a Loan’

‘Slow the testing down, please.’

A photograph of a single Trump supporter sitting alone in arena seats.

Screenshot / Twitter

Don’t just take The Lincoln Project’s word for it. One of the anti-Trump ads by this Republican Super PAC focusses on the frightening comments the president himself made about coronavirus testing.

During his lightly attended campaign kick-off rally in Tulsa, the president told his followers that he had instructed his staff to, “Slow the testing down, please.”

6. The Lincoln Project: ‘Truth’

The Lincoln Project adds to the paranoia

Side by side photographs of Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.

Wikimedia / Flickr

The Lincoln Project spits out slick anti-Trump attack ads almost as fast as we can watch them. In “Whispers, ” they go right to needling Trump’s paranoia, with whispering voiceover playing on his “leakers” and “whistleblower” fears.

Who in his administration is talking about the president behind his back? Looks like it’s everyone.

7. The Lincoln Project: ‘Whispers’

‘Faux Friends’

Side by side photographs of Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, and Trish Regan

Flickr / Screenshot

Also rising to the top of the new Lincoln Project’s list of anti-Trump ad hits, ‘Fox & Fiends’ shows Fox on-air personalities lying about the severity and spread of the coronavirus. Fox & Fiends (yes, that spelling is correct) do their best to back Trump’s muddled failure to protect Americans from COVID-19.

8. The Lincoln Project: ‘Fox & Fiends’

Happy Independence Day!

A photograph of the face of the Statue of Liberty.

Pixabay / Ronile

Over the 4th of July weekend, MeidasTouch released two scorching anti-Trump ads. “Will YOU Declare Independence From Trump?” uses audio from JFK speech and other presidents interspersed with gut-wrenching footage from the last few months. Comparisons between the ideas of “life,” “liberty,” and “happiness” and today’s reality fill the screen.

9. MeidasTouch: ‘Will YOU Declare Independence From Trump?’

Twofer weekend

Man laughing in front of a blue background


MeidasTouch also dropped “Trump Has No Credibility” over the July 4th holiday weekend. Using Trump’s own words against him to smash his credibility, the video moves from coronavirus deaths to the president bowing and scraping for dictators.

10. MeidasTouch: ‘Trump Has No Credibility’

America’s new traitor

A screenshot from the VoteVets ad calling the Trump #BenedictDonald America's number one traitor

Flickr / August Schwerdfeger

VoteVets anti-Trump ads look at this president from the point of view of military veterans who have served the US in combat — and it is clear these veterans don’t like what they see.

One VoteVets video exposes the results of Trump’s strange role as Putin’s disciple. Another points to the president as “a new traitor sullying those hallowed Army grounds.” The videos slam Trump for taking Putin’s word over that of American military intelligence, and for dismissing the report about Russian bounties on the lives of American soldiers as, “just another hoax.”

11. VoteVets: ‘Don’t Thank Us’

Bonus 12th! VoteVets: ‘Traitor’

VoteVets has a message too compelling to be ignored. And too compelling to be left off of our list of anti-Trump ads.

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