‘Washington Orange Skins’: Twitter has ideas for the NFL team’s renaming in the Trump era

‘Washington Orange Skins’: Twitter has ideas for the NFL team’s renaming in the Trump era

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The iconic Washington Redskins are soon to be no more — under that name anyway. The beloved NFL team will be changing their name, which has long been criticized as being offensive to the Native American community. The franchise will be dropping both the “Redskins” team name and the logo. The logo is currently the face and headdress of a Native American man.

The move comes after increasing pressure from the team’s sponsors, including FedEx, Pepsi, and Bank of America. The name was adopted in 1933 and is one of the most polarizing team names in American sports. After 87 years of being the Redskins, the Washington team is now toying with the idea of becoming the Redwolves, Redhawks, or Redtails. The latter pays homage to the World War II Tuskegee Airmen and is the current favorite.

Twitter had plenty more suggestions.

Some were serious…

A football on the grass


There were plenty of Twitter users offering actual name suggestions.

Others, not so much

Man laughing in front of a blue background


Several users ran with the name change and got in a few sick burns.

There were also suggestions on how to keep ‘Redskins’ without causing offense

Produce section of a grocery store


Is ‘Redskins’ a racist slur?


Yes, yes it is. A few Twitter users gave clear explanations for those that don’t understand.

Will there be more NFL changes to come?

A collection of rubber stamps


Washington may not be the only team that needs to look into a name change.

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