‘I am actually ashamed of being from this country now’: 9 Republicans on why they’re voting for Biden

Republican Voters Against Trump are disgusted: these videos tell you why they're voting for Biden.

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The video project Republican Voters Against Trump gives conservative voters, including life-long Republicans, a chance to speak out about why Donald Trump needs to be defeated. Some voted for Trump — and some saw good reason not to — but now they all see Joe Biden as just the president this country needs.

These testimonials are informed and passionate. These voters’ concerns harken back to a day when our country was less divided, particularly among those Republicans who feel their own party has lost its way. All of them are disappointed and disgusted by the Trump presidency, and all of them will give you plenty of good reasons they are determined to vote for Joe Biden on November 3rd.

‘This guy couldn’t lead fricken’ his way out of a fricken’ wet paper bag…Everything is a lie.’

Jeffrey voted for Trump because he hated Hilary, but now he’s ready to vote for Biden. This first-generation American, whose son serves in the 101st airborne, feels ashamed to call himself an American. Jeffrey is sick of Trump’s lies — and all the people who lie with him.

He was not always a Republican voter, and he sure is against Trump this year. Jeffrey tells the president, “Everything is a lie…Shut the fuck up for once.” Jeffrey says Trump has no empathy, and let Americans die from COVID-19 because “This guy couldn’t lead fricken’ his way out of a fricken’ wet paper bag.”

Trump’s ‘Incompetent, angry, narcissistic, power-hungry, ignorance is dangerous to all of us.’

Karen has been a lifelong Republican and is pretty in touch with her conservative roots. In fact, she cares so much about the GOP, that she is pleading with Republicans to vote against Trump to give the GOP a chance to, “come back to life.” Karen sees Trump hurting the United States, the whole world, and the Republican party. She pleads with viewers, “If you believe in the Republican approach to government, that’s all the more reason to vote Trump out.”

Karen looks forward to Biden’s calm, and thinks Biden’s “leadership is what our nation needs right now to start healing and to start recovering from this havoc.” She even takes a moment to encourage those who feel Biden isn’t liberal enough to vote for him, because sitting this election out will get Trump reelected.

Stick with Karen to the end for a nice little Ivanka burn.

‘The Republican party is the party of hypocrisy.’

Chase spent years working for the Republican party, and years contributing and volunteering for the GOP, even serving as a precinct committeeman. “By the nomination of Donald Trump,” however, this Indiana native realized that, “The Republican party…was dead.”

“The Republican party is the party of hypocrisy,” Chase says. Everything he treasured about being a Republican has been turned on its head, and what the GOP condemned in the past seems just fine with them now. “They are people who hatefully condemn monogamous same-sex marriages, but blindly worship a thrice-married adulterer. They are people who scream that they are Pro-Life but don’t care about immigrant children at the border. They don’t care about poor children. They don’t care about minority children.”

Whether its adultery or fiscal irresponsibility, Chase delivers a mini-masterclass on where his party stood, and exactly how far it has fallen. And it’s not just Trump; Chase isn’t happy with fellow Hoosier Mike Pence either, or anyone else who, “stood idly by.”

Calling Donald Trump a con man and a bigot, Chase says, “The only way to return our party and our country to civility…and ethical fortitude is to vote for Joe Biden. A vote for Joe Biden is the most patriotic thing that an American or a republican can do in 2020.”

Trump is ‘a coward.’

Rick is clear in his message: if you support Donald Trump, “At the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, you’re supporting a coward.” This lifelong Republican voter is against Trump because the president is a draft dodger — even worse, a draft dodger who joked about it.

Rick asks how Christians can support a man who worships money. “As a Christian, how can you support slander, gossip, lies?”

“Please, please, vote for anybody but Donald Trump.”

‘He’s a con man and he’s a criminal.’

A lifelong Republican, Danielle lives in Florida but grew up in New Jersey. Her family’s family business was ripped off by Trump when they were hired to help build his Taj Mahal. But as a lot of people from the Tri-State area know, “He’s a con man and he’s a criminal.” This republican voter was always against Trump.

It’s not just personal, though. Danielle is horrified by Trump’s botched handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and how he, “Undermined our legitimacy and our justice system.”

She has a Master in International Relations and sees Trump as an embarrassment on the world stage — and a threat. She doesn’t trust Jared and Ivanka either, not when it comes to state secrets. “I never voted for Barack Obama, but I was never embarrassed that he was our president. I also never worried that he’d sell our national security out.”

“We need to choose America.”

‘Donald Trump is a cancer that needs to be removed.’

Dion, a Republican voter, has plenty to say against Trump. “I just want people to understand that this is not a beat down session,” says Dion during a pause in his superb beat down session. This dapper Texas Republican rattles off his laundry list of travesties from Trump’s term. From “fanning the flames of bigotry,” to “violating the emoluments clause,” Dion doesn’t skip over the fact that Trump, “Increased the national debt during economic prosperity.”

“Voting for Biden might be difficult,” Dion admits. But he is voting for Biden. “We have to speak in November under one unified voice against Donald Trump, and vote for Joe Biden. Because, frankly, Donald Trump is a cancer that needs to be removed.”

‘Forget party. Do the right thing in 2020.’

Justin was raised a Republican and always voted that way — until 2016. “I had no idea he was as bad as he is, but I knew that he was unfit to be president.” Justin didn’t vote for either candidate in the last election, and now he won’t vote for a Republican until every current Republican member of congress is voted out. And maybe even not then.

This Army Ranger calls on all Americans, especially Republicans, to vote for Joe Biden. “He’s not running for president so he can enrich himself or build a tower in Moscow. He’s not gonna use Russian intel and Wikileaks to win the election…Joe Biden won’t extort out allies.”

Deployed five times around the world, Justin has seen the dangers of authoritarian regimes. “Forget party. Do the right thing in 2020.”

‘He expects the people of this country to serve his will instead of serving the will of the people.’

Lee starts his video wearing a protective mask. He’s a lifelong Republican who is not afraid to take smart steps to protect himself from COVID-19. “Trump’s terrible management of the coronavirus situation here in America,” has kept him and his fiancé from visiting their family in the European Union, and their family can’t visit the US.

“He expects the people of this country to serve his will instead of serving the will of the people.” Lee is such a died-in-the-wool Republican voter that he doesn’t call it for voting for Biden so much as voting against Trump. “I don’t know anything about Biden, but I can guarantee you on his worst day he’s better than Trump is.”

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