‘Trump’s thugs’: GOP group’s powerful ad warns paramilitary assault in Portland ‘is how freedom dies’

Screenshot / YouTube

A comic-book style video created by The Lincoln Project warns that the paramilitary assault in Portland is ‘how freedom dies.”

“This is how it starts,” focuses on the secret police (“Trump’s thugs”) who are terrorizing Portland’s citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights. It warns viewers that “shadowy men” are shoving people into unmarked vans, and “faceless enforcers say you don’t have the right to protest.”

This ad also encourages viewers to vote on November 3rd. It warns that if we don’t get Trump out of office, “we know how it ends.”


Time to raise our voices

Photo of protestors


People are ready to fight to save democracy.

This is fascism

A photograph of National Guard troops blocking access to the Lincoln Memorial.

Screenshot / Twitter

Twitter thinks it is time to call it like it is because “this is how it starts”…

We must elect Joe Biden

Close up of Joe Biden's face

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Americans are afraid.

Twitter found a hero

Tshirt showing superheroes


Not all heroes wear capes…

Can anyone stop Trump?

Trump standing at a podium pointing at the crowd

Official White House Photo / Joyce N. Boghosian

Twitter wants to know why other government officials aren’t stepping in and doing something.

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