‘End the nightmare’: #DictatorTrump trends after blistering ad features Trump’s love of Putin, Kim Jong-Un


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A new anti-Trump ad put out by Really American on Monday shows how the president has idolized dictators during his time in office. The video is being shared on Twitter with #DictatorTrump.

Showcasing his love for world leaders like Putin and Kim Jong-Un, Really American pits Trump’s words of praise for the world’s dictators against his condescension toward the nation’s allies. Trump’s words, “Putin has much better leadership qualities than Obama,” are played over footage of Russian police committing human rights violations. His praise for the Jong-Un echoes while pictures of starving North Koreans are shown, then transitions into bragging about all the money Saudi Arabia has made him by purchasing “all kinds of toys from Trump.”

The video ends with the president disparaging Canada, Germany, and the entire European Union.

With his obvious love for the world’s strong man governments, is it any surprise that #DictatorTrump is now employing fascist tactics in America?


We needed a leader

Trump behind a podium

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During a time when the country truly needed a leader, we had Trump at the helm.

#DictatorTrump and his co-conspirators

Trump Pence McConnell Oval Office Thumb's Up

Flickr/The White House

Twitter hasn’t forgotten the GOP’s role in this catastrophe.

They aren’t your friends

Trump talking to Putin


#DictatorTrump has been played.

Portland stands against #DictatorTrump

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