‘Even Republicans are running for the hills’: New ‘Donald Trump is a Disaster’ ad goes viral

Donald the disaster

Pixabay / John Hain

MeidasTouch has a new ad doing numbers on Twitter, but Trump the Disaster won’t be confined to making the rounds on social media. The media group confirmed in a tweet that the video will also be hitting some people’s small screens due to a “six-figure TV buy behind this ad in Texas.”

The 30-second spot is like a highlight reel for Trump’s worst moments. It starts with reminders that President Disaster mocked a disabled reporter and sided with white supremacists, and it moves all the way to more recent incidents such as wishing a sex trafficker “well.”

It is another viral anti-Trump ad that Twitter can’t get enough of.


Ready for the day Trump the Disaster is in handcuffs

Person being handcuffed


Many Twitter users are anxiously awaiting the day Trump finally faces the music.

Have they all been brainwashed?

A photograph of maga hats

Screenshot / Business Insider

Someone must be doing some mind tricks on the Disaster’s followers.

Time to call this disaster of an experiment

Trump sitting with his arms crossed

Screenshot / C-SPAN

The “Trump experiment” is officially a catastrophe.

The ‘Electric Lady’ makes an appearance

Major storm set to bring tornadoes, damaging winds and flash flooding


The awesome footage of the Statue of Liberty getting struck by lightning did not go unnoticed.

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