Hurricanes in two oceans hit U.S.


Two hurricanes more than 3,500 miles apart soaked U.S. shores over the weekend.

Hurricane Hanna, the season’s first Atlantic hurricane, hit South Texas Saturday evening, bringing with it strong winds, storm surge, tornadoes, and 15 inches of rain as of Sunday evening, according to the Washington Post. In addition to the direct impacts of the storm, officials are worried over the secondary impacts in the region where COVID-19 cases are spiking.

In the Pacific, Hurricane Douglas passed just north of Honolulu, Hawaii. Though the eyewall did not make landfall, the storm still packed “a triple threat of hazards, including but not limited to damaging winds, flooding rainfall, and dangerously high surf,” according to a Central Pacific Hurricane Center advisory.

Only two hurricanes in modern history have made landfall in Hawaii.

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