‘Trump is weak’: GOP group’s viral ad features conservative Navy Seal turned ER doctor—voting for Biden

Meet Dan Barkhuff, war vet, patriot & conserative. He will be voting for Biden.

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The Lincoln Project is back with a new ad: Conservative. The Republican-led media group centers this ad around Dr. Dan Barkhuff—a former Navy Seal who is now an emergency room physician.

A war veteran turned life-saving doctor, Barkhuff is a conservative who believes in the Constitution. This is why, he explains, he will be voting for Joe Biden.

The message is clear. Even Republicans and staunch conservatives should vote for Biden, because Donald Trump is a threat to the constitution of the United States.

WATCH him explain why “Trump is weak” but dangerous to America

Lincoln Project always gets the love

A hand holding two heart-shaped lollypops


It seems Twitter will never get their fill of Lincoln Project ads.

The message resonated with some Conservatives

The elephant and the donkey

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There were many people pledging to vote Biden in November.

The mention of Trump hid a nerve on Twitter

Trump standing at a microphone

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People are definitely ready for a change.

‘Trump is NOT conservative’

Trump family in a golden room

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Conservative thy name is not Trump.

Trump’s America

Trump condemned for authoritarian 'abuse of power' as secret Federal Police snatch protesters off Portland streets

Screenshot / Twitter

Many users responded to the latest Lincoln Project video with images of the ongoing Portland protests. Photos have gone viral of riot police pointing guns at toddlers, or violently suppressing peaceful protestors. There is a sense of shared outrage over how the Trump administration has responded to these protests.

Although bear in mind…


Is Dan Barkhuff preaching to the choir?

Trump stylized as a saint

Twitter / @SaintDonaldTrump

Some think these anti-Trump ads are creating an echo chamber.

There’s a bigger problem…

Finally some tears were shed…crocodile tears.

Person holding a red paper with a sad face drawn on it


Sniff. Sniff.


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