The Grifter-in-Chief stars in a new video: #TrumpGriftsYouDie

Trump family in a golden room

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The MeidasTouch is back with a blistering new attack on Donald Trump: #TrumpGriftsYouDie.

This time, the viral ad producers attacked the nefarious dealings of the Trump family—and Twitter piled on.

The ad runs through a rattling list of examples of Trump profiteering from his Presidency. Did Trump pressure the UK Government to move the British Open to his resort in Scotland? The President has proposed using his resort for the next G7 Summit. Is Trump “using his office to enrich himself?”

Ivanka’s embarrassing Goya beans photoshop. Her seven trademarks from the Chinese Government. Melania endorsing products in TV commercials.


If grifting is a chronic condition, MeidasTouch suggests, it runs in the Trump family.

Twitter threw the grenades.

In the middle of a pandemic, Trump has time for beans and golf

Donald Trump on a golf course leaning on a club.

Flickr / The White House

Apparently, there were not more pressing matters to deal with.

Maybe it runs in the family?

Ivanka Trump holding a can of beans

Screenshot / Twitter

The MeidasTouch video focused on the allegations that Trump is financially gaining through his Presidency. The ad also made mention of Ivanka Trump’s shady deals with China and the obvious endorsement of Goya beans. Twitter users had some more suggestions to add to the list:

Trump claims ‘I don’t want to make money’

Hand holding out to catch money


But he sure seems to be making a lot of it from his perch in the Oval Office…

Forget about the coronavirus, Trump has real problems on his hands…

An image of Trump with a thought bubble above his head with the twitter logo inside.

Screenshot / YouTube

Who has time to worry about a pandemic when things are trending on Twitter.

Everything will be a “brilliant job.”

Twitter had some great suggestions for #TrumpGriftsYouDie

lightbulb lying on a piece of wood


The users were full of cleverness.

As always, a picture says a thousand tweets

Multiple vintage cameras


Perhaps there is such a thing as bad publicity?

The Meidas Touch, Lincoln Project, and Really American are making a brutal triple-pronged attack against President Trump. Together, the independent media giants have caused a storm across social media, and their videos have been watched and shared millions of times.

The White House is beginning to feel the pinch. Trump’s recent meltdowns on social media show a growing discomfort with the viral videos. Facebook temporarily banned Meidas Touch, and some users report that many videos are warned to show “offensive content” when, in fact, they only offend the President.

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