‘It’s Trump’s virus now’: This week’s best anti-Trump ads

Trump with the hashtag "TrumpKillsUs" over his eyes

Screenshot / MeidasTouch

Trump haters, rejoice. Here’s your weekly anti-Trump ad round-up.

If you were drowning in content this week and missed out, catch up on the ads rolling out from GOP groups and media giants rallying to get Biden elected.


MeidasTouch kicks off this list, after gracing us with “Wall Against Trump,” a moving ad showing clips of the moms who stand between police and protesters:


VoteVets kicked the week off with the anti-Trump video, “Forgot,” montaging an interview that captures Trump’s failure to take action and help America’s troops:


On Monday, a campaign ad for Biden showed just one of many tragic stories resulting from Trump’s negligence in dealing with the Coronavirus:

Biden’s campaign published another ad on the same day with the same woman, but in Spanish, giving her a chance to expand on her feelings towards the current administration:

The Lincoln Project released a video simply titled “Conservative,” featuring a conservative veteran explaining why he’ll be voting for Biden in November:

Another powerful anti-Trump ad from MeidasTouch on Monday, “Trump Grifts, You Die,” put our “wartime president” on blast:


Tuesday started with Republican Voters Against Trump continuing to show lifelong Republican voters who are voting for Biden in November:

This stunning anti-Trump ad from The Lincoln Project called “Memories” shows us all that we’ve missed out on because of Trump’s failure to contain the Coronavirus and reminds us that our choice in November is between ‘America or Trump:’

A day after their last ad, MeidasTouch showed us the astounding Coronavirus numbers in Texas and reminded everyone that Trump thinks reopening the state is a good idea:


MeidasTouch crafted a collage of Trump asking why his approval rating is so low and gave him the answer to his question with their video, “Nobody Likes Trump:”

The same day, MeidasTouch released a nationwide Fox News ad:


Thursday brought this darkly comedic, yet deeply effective ad from The Lincoln Project, calling for Republicans to “Wake Up:”

Don Winslow Films gave us a stark, thought-provoking anti-Trump video, explaining Trump’s plan to get reelected in November:

Another Biden campaign ad showed Biden’s humble beginnings and genuine support for America’s democracy by contrasting it with the selfish reasons Trump ran for president:

Thursday proved to be a busy day, with this video from Republican Voters Against Trump giving conservatives a platform to express their disdain for Trump’s racism:

MeidasTouch dropped this heavy-hitter, encouraging voters to #EvictTrump:

To make sure the message was clear, VoteVets released another video emphasizing how Trump has betrayed America:


In an urgent and fast-paced anti-Trump ad from The Lincoln Project, viewers are reminded of all the times in the past we’ve voted in the midst of hardships  and warned Trump that “We Will Vote” in November:

Closing off the list, here’s MeidasTouch throwing it back to clips from 2004 of Trump struggling to vote and then sharing the importance of a vote by mail option:

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