‘Get the FBI to escort him outโ€™: Twitter goes wild for new viral ad #EvictTrump

The MeidasTouch ad #EvictTrump has Twitter burning down the house.

Flickr / The White House

The new MeidasTouch ad #EvictTrump is kicking around Twitter. When Trump floated the idea of delaying the election, there was plenty of pushback, even from the GOP. MeidasTouch brought out their latest anti-Trump video along with the hashtag #EvictTrump. Whether you find Trumpโ€™s election delay idea ridiculous or frightening,

MeidasTouch and the hashtag #EvictTrump are sure to turn up something for you.

Watch the MeidasTouch EvictTrump ad

Twitter is ready to issue that eviction notice.

Trump is attacking the election…again

GOP voter suppression update: Republicans working to purge hundreds of thousands of voters months per state before elections

Flickr / Democracy Chronicles

Trump is trying every way to delegitimize the election; this is just one more.

The MeidasTouch EvictTrump ad and #EvictTrump offer answers to so many questions.

More Trump fascism

Man holding a sign that says "Trump is a fascist!"


Messing with elections is the Grand Finale on the list of fascist tendencies.

Trumpโ€™s latest threat

Donald Trump holding up his hand

AP Photo / Alex Brandon


When you string Trumpโ€™s threats together, they lead to this new one.

The MeidasTouch EvictTrump adย and #EvictTrump shine a light on what is just the latest threat from this president.

Dangerous distraction

Trump asks himself for a break on his lease. Think heโ€™ll get it?

Radu Florin / Unsplash

While Trump has us talking about his latest election tampering, we may be distracted from his failure on the coronavirus. Or Russian bounties. Or kids in cages. Or Trump family grift.

The MeidasTouch EvictTrump ad November 3rd will be the chance to #EvictTrump and put an end to the seemingly endless news cycle of Trump tragic Whack-a-Mole.

Mexico wonโ€™t build this wall for him either

Three men quickly scale a newly built portion of the border wall


Is Trump building walls around the White House so he can stay in it?

Or will he just slip out the back?

MeidasTouch #EvictTrump nails an eviction notice to the door

Wisconsin needs to hire 1,000 contact tracers. It got 4,500 applications.

Shutterstock image

MeidasTouch #EvictTrump comes with a notice.

Twitter users point out that the notice will be delivered at the election; the actual eviction will take place when a new president is sworn in.

And remind us that this is not the only eviction we need to worry about.

Throw him out!

A dumpster full of trash


Tweets responding to the MeidasTouch EvictTrump ad and #EvictTrump have some suggestions for getting the job done when it comes to making sure Trump leaves on time.

Revenge fantasy

A cartoon rendering of an angry yelling face


The MeidasTouch EvictTrump ad brings out peopleโ€™s fantasies for January 20, 2021.

If you are angry about the Trump presidency, you are not alone. #EvictTrump brings out some pretty strong reactions.

Where will he go?

A map of the world

Unsplash / Andrew Stutesman

Trump already changed his residence from New York to Florida. Itโ€™s anyoneโ€™s guess where he will end up. Maybe Florida…

…maybe Russia…

…maybe somewhere else.

All the videos you could want in response to MeidasTouch #EvictTrump

A Blockbuster video sign.

RegionalQueenslander / CC BY-SA 4.0

MeidasTouch #EvictTrump has brought plenty of anti-Trump videos out of the woodwork.

All roads lead to one question: America or Trump?

America or Trump?

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The choice is clear.

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