‘Never piss off a mom’: New anti-Trump ad highlights the power of the Portland moms

Moms know best

Screenshot / YouTube

The Lincoln Project’s new video seeks to remind Trump what he is up against: Moms.

Clad in yellow, the mothers of Portland have linked arms and acted as a human shield for the Black Lives Matter protests. As the voiceover says, “Moms will fight for a country where their kids won’t have their fundamental freedoms trampled.”


“They’re working moms. Stay at home moms. They’re Black, white, Latina, Asian, straight, gay moms.”

Moms in other cities are suiting up

Moms demonstrating in yellow shirts

Screenshot / YouTube

Trump’s strongman tactics in Portland are not having the desired effect. Instead of instilling fear, the treatment of the demonstrators is stoking the flames. Others are ready to grab a yellow tee.

Women already knew

A photograph of a Black Lives Matter activist holding a Drive Trump Out sign.

Flickr / Sasha Kimel

Women have been standing up to Trump since day one.

Nothing scarier than pissed off mommas

Wall of moms demonstrating in Portland

Screenshot / YouTube

Everyone knows its the momma bear you have to be afraid of…

The YELLOW wave is coming

Trump looking shocked or scared

Flickr / Peter Stevens

Trump should go ahead and start packing.

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