Team Trump releases a new ad, and Republican Voters Against Trump do a killer parody

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Twitter is going wild for a new ad by Republicans Voters Against Trump.

The ad was a modified version of the latest Team Trump ad, in which a woman holds up placards explaining why she will not be voting for Biden. By simply changing the words on each sign, the ad was transformed into a brutal anti-Trump message.

Team Trump effectively handed their own head in on a platter.


RVAT shared it on Twitter telling Trump they “fixed it” for him.

(If you want to see the original falsehood-filled ad, it’s here.)

First came the standing ovation


The ad resounded with many Twitter users.

There was a stream of virtual applause for the simplistic and ascetic style of the video, which showed a single woman in a cold grey room holding up signs to read. Perhaps it made a refreshing change from other anti-Trump ads which tend to be fast-paced, with rousing background music and a medley of footage.

Then, some suggestions for improvement

Team Trump release a new ad, and Republican Voters Against Trump do a killer parody 2


As a sounding board for viral content, Twitter is a great teacher. Many users pointed out, with undisguised delight, the irony of creating an anti-Trump ad using the President’s own campaign material. Others expressed concern that the written style of the video would be a hindrance to the audience.

Trump does much more than whine and watch T.V.

Trump Attacks Yamiche Alcindor. Twitter Shows Love 1


In the video, the woman explained why, as a former Trump voter, she has become disillusioned with the President. One of the placards she holds reads: “All [Trump] does is whine and watch T.V.” One Twitter user jumped to the President’s defense:

Republican Voters Against Trump sent Twitter on a trip down memory lane…

It inspired words of encouragement

Demonstrator holding a sign that says 'Resist'

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Republican Voters Against Trump is a group which does what it says on the tin. It unites people who voted for Donald Trump once, but who will not do so again.

Donald Trump is arguably the most divisive President in US history, and he has divided opinion around the world. The 45th President of the United States is bad for the mental health of Americans. His volatile leadership and Twitter tirades cause toxic stress and anxiety among his electorate. He has divided the citizens of the United States. As Republican Voters Against Trump demonstrate, the biggest division is in his own party.

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