Republicans are turning on each other — Mitch McConnell joins Trump in the firing line

Trump and McConnell at a function

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The Lincoln Project is back. The ruthless Republicans whose aim is to stop the reelection of Trump and his enablers in November have released another incinerating ad.

This time, the target is not just the President. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has joined the firing line of the GOP Super PAC behind some of the most viral videos to hit this election campaign.

The Republicans-vs-Republicans ad set Twitter on fire.

Watch it here:

“In the midst of the worse economic crisis in decades and with COVID’s death toll rising, Republicans have delayed vital economic support for American families.”

Time to cut the pork barrel

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In the midst of a deadly pandemic, as tens of millions of Americans face unemployment and financial insecurity, Republicans choose to delay economic support. Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader of the Senate. He announced a delay of the much-anticipated $1 trillion stimulus package — potentially until September.

The House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Democrats, passed a $3 trillion recovery proposal over two months ago.

GOP: ‘Grifting Oligarchy Predators’

GOP Ostrich

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The Lincoln Project makes no bones about their message in this video: Mitch McConnell wants to protect big businesses that are making money from the coronavirus pandemic by “giving them immunity from accountability.” In an interview on NPR radio, McConnell spoke about the need to protect businesses from an “avalanche of lawsuits” following potential infections of COVID-19 among clientele and staff.

This effectively allows companies to “cut corners,” “expose workers and their families to infection,” and “rip off consumers without any consequences.”

So much winning

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The United States continues to be the global epicenter of the coronavirus. Once again, the President has boasted about the nation’s response to the outbreak of COVID-19. In a recent interview, he claimed his administration was doing “a tremendous job.”

When questioned about the fact that over 155,000 Americans had lost their lives due to COVID-19, he replied, “It is what it is.”

‘Conscienceless Moscow Mitch’

Moscow Mitch screws Kentucky military families in favor of Trump's border wall vanity project 1

When big businesses, banks, and big-shot Republicans need a handout, Mitch McConnell is all ears. The CARES Act set aside $500 billion to bail out huge corporations. Another $90 million was also reserved for business owners, which turned out to benefit those neediest Americans: hedge fund owners investors and real estate CE0s.

It’s not about keeping Trump in office…

The Senate leader is a divisive figure. In a recent article in The Atlantic, it was proposed that Mitch McConnell is pursuing a political strategy to maintain white, Republican power. The author argues that “ruling white, conservative minority perceives itself as under dire and imminent threat.” As a result, Republicans such as McConnell “will overlook any crime, any abuse of power, lest their rule be lost.”

Americans in lines at food banks, while Republicans bail out corporations


The narrator reminds us that “people are hurting” and “times have never been so hard.” Food banks have been pushed to the brink by the pandemic and the resulting unemployment crisis. In a survey from late April, 17%t of mothers said their children were going hungry because their families couldn’t afford enough food.

The Lincoln Project got one thing wrong…

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The video ends with the message: “It is time for Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to put people first, for once.” The narrator urges viewers to “call them” today and warn them: “If they won’t protect Americans now, we’ll vote them out this November.”

Users on Twitter expressed confusion with this final line. It appears many viewers will be voting them out anyway.

When they go low, we go Joe ByeDon

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We are counting down.

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