‘The hoax is inside the White House’: #TrumpHoaxedAmerica trends thanks to new viral ad

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Like the boy who cried wolf in Aesop’s fable, the President who cried hoax has deceived the people too many times. The media group MeidasTouch released a blistering ad denouncing the many times that President Trump has called “hoax.”

The video — which was seen half a million times in the first four hours on Twitter — ends in the style of a horror movie, as we are told: “The hoax is inside the White House.”

#TrumpHoaxedAmerica went viral

In the 75 second video, Meidas Touch collates footage of Trump dismissing climate change, Russian collusion, and the coronavirus. He calls each of these “a hoax.”

Twitter added a few more

An image of Trump with a thought bubble above his head with the twitter logo inside.

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The President of the United States denies climate change. At the same time, the world records unprecedented temperatures, devastating wildfires in California and the Amazon basin, and hurricanes like Isiah from which hardworking Americans have still not recovered from. Trump waved off accusations that the Russian government had meddled in the election campaign of the United States.

This was another “hoax.”

#TrumpHoaxedAmerica by failing to provide health care in a pandemic

Healthcare worker looks out a window

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And now the deathtoll is projected to hit 300,000 by December.

The U.S. will not be run down by wannabe Kings

'Off with their heads': Trump admin strong-arms GOP Senators demanding votes in the President's favor

Time Magazine

The MeidasTouch video touched many a nerve on Twitter. Many users expressed their frustration at the way that the Trump administration has handled the last four years. There is disappointment, anger, and deep sadness from Democrat and Republican voters alike.

People commiserated over the tragedy of losing a loved one to COVID-19, as the United States records over 160,000 deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. Other users consoled each other over shared experiences losing their jobs. There was also a chorus of outrage from anti-Trump users living in states that the President will soon visit.

Why does Trump love the word “hoax” so much?

Photo of a Trump rally

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Someone get the man a thesaurus.

Or maybe he is right


Is it all a hoax…

Negligent homicide

Trump profile shot from the Axios interview

Screenshot / YouTube

One user proposed that Trump should be tried for negligent homicide for his delayed reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. Data suggests that if the President had acted just two weeks sooner and taken action to stop the spread of COVID-19, 50,000 Americans would still be alive today.

Sometimes, a picture speaks louder than words

Multiple vintage cameras


Who could say it better?

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