Jobs for Good 8/10/2020

  • 08/10/2020 3:46 pm ET

10 Jobs for Good 18
In today’s connected society there are more and more opportunities to bring your values to work. Tomorrow’s workforce knows that what you do at your job everyday can now be integrated with what you believe.

But whether you are moved by care of the planet, care of others, or care of self, companies have learned that employees who are working at jobs they believe in, that give them a sense of higher purpose, are more productive and stay longer.

So stand up for what you believe when you collect your paycheck! Here’s a few ideas that we will keep refreshed.

Jobs for Good - 2/1/2020 Copy Copy 29#1: Development Assistant     NWLC | Washington D.C.     Listing

The National Women’s Law Center seeks a Development Assistant to join a development team that is expanding networks of, and deepening relationships with, individual, corporate, law firm, and foundation donors for this leading women’s rights organization. This is a high responsibility position that provides full administrative support to a fast-moving development team.

Jobs for Good - 2/1/2020 Copy Copy 18#2: Coordinator of Education     SDFS | New York      Listing

The Coordinator of Education is responsible for day to day operations and overall program development, implementation and evaluation of the TORCH Annex Program.


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