‘Close the chapter on this horrific book’: Twitter is ready to give Trump the boot and #VoteOutRacism

Vote Out Racism

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The MeidasTouch is at it again with an all-new viral video —this time focusing on Trump’s racism. The ad takes a stroll down memory lane to showcase the President’s long history of racist acts and statements.

From the Central Park five to Obama’s birth certificate, MeidasTouch has shown Trump’s true colors. The video reminds everyone that the President’s racism “kills.”


The media group wants to remind everyone, “it’s time to vote out racism!”

Trump is the biggest racist

President Trump standing at a podium

Screenshot / YouTube

Twitter users were happy to point out the many incidents of Trump’s apparent racism.

When the KKK is on your side…

Trump smirking

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Anyone who has the support of the KKK shouldn’t be a good candidate for president.

What does Trump’s racism say about us?

Donald Trump walking outside

Flickr / The White House

As the country that elected him, what does that say about us…

Twitter is ready to ‘vote out racism’

A photograph of a Vote sign with arrow and american flag


Users have pledged to vote out Trump, no matter what it takes.

Instead of crawling through glass, see if you are eligible to vote by mail:

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