‘I thought he was against defacing monuments’: Twitter mocks Trump’s desire to be on Mount Rushmore

Trump wants to add his face to Mount Rushmore - but is there enough orange marble?


To many Americans’ horror, the President is floating the idea of adding his face to Mount Rushmore. On a recent visit to South Dakota to celebrate July 4th. Trump was presented with a replica of his head carved into a miniature Mount Rushmore.

A White House official reportedly reached out to the South Dakota Governor to discuss adding Trump’s face to join those of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson on the world-famous federal monument.


Trump denies the request, but believe it’s a ‘good idea’

Protest with one man holding a sign that says "I wish this were fake news"

Unsplash / Kayla Velasquez

The President first floated the idea of adding his face to Mount Rushmore in 2017. He told Kristi Noem, a then congresswoman: “Do you know, it’s my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore.”

Trump will have to join the waiting list

Black and White photo of JFK

Flickr / U.S. Embassy New Delhi

John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and Barack Obama are three former Presidents that many people have suggested adding to the sculpture.

In 1927 the American sculptor Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum began carving the iconic faces into Mount Rushmore. He died fourteen years later and the monument was never completed.

It’s impossible

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According to Maureen McGee Ballinger, adding another face to Mount Rushmore is impossible. She explained: “There is no more carvable space up on the sculpture.”

Wait — isn’t that a space next to Lincoln?

Trump sitting at a table with his hands in the air

Screenshot / YouTube

The view of Mount Rushmore is misleading. It appears as though there would be space to carve a new addition on either side of Washington on the left or Lincoln on the right.

The rock to the right of Abraham Lincoln looks like the perfect spot for a new face. The stone space is further back than it appears in the photos and would not work. While the space on the left-hand side is not suitable to be carved.

McGee Ballinger stated:

Thus, to maintain both the integrity of the structure and the artist’s concept, there is no procedure for adding another likeness, the sculpture is complete.

The national memorial features 60-foot faces of the four great American presidents. Visitors travel to South Dakota from all around the country, to visit the monument in the heart of the Keystone National Park.

‘The first 150 years of the history of the United States’

Trump hugging the American flag

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In creating Mount Rushmore, the artist wished to “represent the first 150 years of the history of the United States.” For this reason, the National Park Service, which is responsible for the federal monument believe the work is complete.

There isn’t enough orange marble

Trump with dark orange makeup on that isn't blended correctly

The White House

The rumor that President Trump wants to add his face to the historical monument has gone viral. Many users on Twitter expressed doubts as to the practicality of the idea.

Others suggested better locations for carving Trump’s face

A photograph of a parade figure of Donald Trump wearing a "liar" sign.


People got very creative…

Where he belongs

A photograph of Donald Trump leaning his puckered lips toward a beauty pageant contestant during a photo shoot.

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Some pointed out that Creepy Trump belongs with a different group of men:

Trump’s face would be adding insult to injury

The federal monument is already a contentious issue. Mount Rushmore was originally known as the “Six Grandfather’s Mountain.” It was named by the Lakota Sioux, the native American population who first inhabited the area. The Lakota people who believe it is the “heart of everything there is.”

Some argue that carving 60-foot faces of white men into the mountain was a desecration of their sacred rock. There was increased outrage over the recent allegations that the sculptor Borlglum had links to white supremacist movements such as the Klu Klux Klan. Many believe that the monument should be returned to the indigenous population.

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