‘If Trump wins, America will cease to exist’: Biden team’s best ad yet sets Twitter on fire

Donald Trump Grimace

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A new Joe Biden ad shows how Donald Trump has succeeded in separating the US from the world. All Trump had to do was let over 160,000 Americans die.

Watch the Biden ad:

Trump didn’t even need to build a wall…

That’s not the only scary picture

Screenshot / YouTube

The Biden ad features a graphic of the whole world restricting Americans from entering their space. That is pretty scary, but the coronavirus pandemic offers plenty of scary images.

Evidence points to Trump’s guilt. and ineptitude.

The Trump push

Trump has spent his term pushing us away from everyone. Sometimes literally.

It’s just as well Trump failed to build his wall. Joe Biden’s ad shows Mexico as one of the few places Americans are still allowed to visit without a two-week quarantine.

Russia won’t even let Americans visit. But Trump is still on Putin’s payroll.

Oh, Canada

Isabel Piñeiro / Unsplash

I wish I could still visit you…

So, what’s going on out there in the world?

Need a history lesson?

A stack of books

Unsplash / Sharon McCutcheon

A quick review of the Trump presidency — and if Jim Jordan doesn’t like it, you know it’s got to be good.

The Biden ad shows the results of the Trump virus, but that is just the latest and worst.

The Republicans used to pretend to worry about American lives.

Perfect timing

How many times can Trump make the same joke before it smacks of truth?


It’s about time for the Beast’s term to expire.

Don’t forget to throw the bathwater out with the baby

A photograph of the English "Trump Baby" parade float.

Screenshot / YouTube

When Trump goes, his family goes with him.

But why stop there? Vote to send Trump’s enablers packing.

Twitter users share their anguish under the Biden ad.

All roads lead to one question: America or Trump?

America or Trump?

Front Page Live

Which will you choose?

And that question may be the best Joe Biden ad there is.

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