It’s ‘Moving Day’ for 25 million Americans — GOP group wants an eviction notice on the White House

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“Very soon, it’s moving day for 25 million Americans.” So begins the latest Lincoln Project ad, which addresses the critical housing shortage as Trump bulldozes ahead with the evictions of millions of families who can no longer afford to pay their rent.

The direct losses of a roof over one’s head will be devastating. There will also be dangerous consequences for the election, as the evictions could result in many people losing their address and therefore potentially, the right to vote.

The #TrumpEvictions are beginning

The Trump evictions are starting, and the video shows recently evicted families carrying boxes out of their former homes. Lines of the newly homeless are seen shuffling to buses to look for help. The sound of a ticking clock plays in the background to chilling effect.

The makers behind this hard-hitting ad are the Lincoln Project, the group of anti-Trump Republicans led by Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway. Past videos have targeted Trump’s dawdling pandemic response or his threatening to cut funding to schools that refuse to reopen.

This time, the target is the President’s response to the foreclosures faced by tens of millions of ordinary Americans who have been failed by the system.

Trump fails to protect Americans from eviction

Trump standing behind a podium

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Trump claims to be protecting Americans from losing their homes to foreclosures. He signed four executive orders for coronavirus relief. One was pertaining to preventing evictions. The order makes no promise of financial relief to aid those struggling Americans to pay rent, food, or support their families. The COVID-19 pandemic indirectly caused 40 million Americans to lose their jobs. More evictions are coming.

The President has publicly expressed his support — and pressured Congress to extend the previous eviction ban. His latest executive order is not an eviction moratorium, however. Instead, authorities will evaluate whether the evictions should be stopped to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

No financial help is coming.

Real Estate vultures will start circling homes

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The rich will get richer.

‘TrumpVilles’ could follow

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After the evictions, where will people go?

The President has personally experienced eviction….as a landlord

Trump at one of his MAGA rallies

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People are ready to pin a notice to the White House door.

Will people who lose their homes lose their votes?

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You CAN vote even if you are homeless, but it does make things more difficult.

Homeowners, renters, and Trump supporters are all hurting

Woman holding a sign that says "I lost my job due to coronavirus"


He isn’t just hurting those in Blue states.

All the homeless and evicted could camp outside the White House

A photograph of the White House


Seems like a good spot.

Or better yet, there’s showers and bathrooms on Trump’s golf courses

Donald Trump on a golf course leaning on a club.

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Since he keeps spending tax dollars at his properties, the people might as well get some use out of them.

There’s one house many Americans hope to see an eviction notice on…


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