‘Leeching off the Federal govt. for years’: Twitter teaches Trump poor red states need help not rich blue ones

Trump thinks blue cities should be left to 'rot' — but it is the red ones that would feel the burn

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On Sunday, President Trump stayed true to routine and went on a retweeting spree. In the process, he shared a tweet that starts:

Leave Democrat cities. Let them rot.

Apparently Trump forgot that he was president to the entire country and not just to the MAGA crowd — and that taxpayer dollars flow from the rich blue states to the poorer red states.

But plenty of Twitter users were happy to remind him:

‘He has been perfectly clear’

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There were plenty of people that didn’t feel too much shock because Trump has been pretty consistent his entire time in office.

A point was made

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One Twitter user asked why Blue states were paying taxes if the president doesn’t care if they “rot.” But another user made an excellent point…if the Blue cities and states were left behind, it would be the red ones feeling the burn.

Where the money comes from

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The state that pays more federal taxes than any other is California which is not surprising since it is the most heavily populated and the state’s residents average higher incomes.

Coming in at number two is New York.

Guess who those states went for in 2016? If you said Hillary Clinton, you’d be correct. Other blue states ranking in the top 10 for federal taxes paid include Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington, and Virginia.

Red states take more than they give

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According to the Tax Foundation, the states that rely the most on federal aid to stay afloat are Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, and Kentucky.

With the exception of New Mexico, those states were quite red in at least the last five presidential elections. If Democrats left them to rot — where would those red states be?

The federal aid they receive goest o pay for things like Medicaid, education, and infrastructure.

America or Trump?

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Luckily, most people do not think like the president. We are all Americans and all deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — no matter the color of the state.

It is time for voters to choose: America or Trump. Find out if you are eligible to vote absentee, and remember to vote early to avoid USPS delays.

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