‘Vichy Republicans, your time is up’: Twitter goes wild for Lincoln Projects’s viral anti-Trump ad

‘Down With The Golfcart Godfather’: Twitter Reacts to Lincoln Project Video


The Lincoln Project, a coalition of conservatives who refuse to support Trump, released a stirring call to action on Twitter. Users were inspired after seeing the video.

“We celebrated after WWII. We mourned after 9/11 until we could laugh again,” wrote the Lincoln Project. “We will not allow the weakest president in our nation’s history to crush this spirit. We will defeat this enemy, too — and smile while doing it.”


The video states, “America, one people, from many, born imperfect, but bending the arc of history to make our union more perfect and overcome the forces of hatred, fear, and oppression. Obligated to protect the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Inheritors of the long duty to protect freedom and liberty. And we are sworn to defeat Donald Trump.”

Not Republican, but American

A photograph of a woman waving an American flag while sitting in a sunny field.


Another Twitter user wrote, “I am not a Republican. I am an American.” It is a sentiment many can get behind.

Someone else on Twitter felt inspired by the video’s message and announced that they were ready to do something about the problem!

‘The Battle of Our Time’

Side by side photographs of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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The Lincoln Project stated in the video, “It is why we stand. It is why we fight. It is why he fears us. Fears you. We are unified, growing, an American movement. We are strong. He is weak. We are many. He is failing. We will defeat Trump. We can, and we must.”

Ready to take on ‘The Vichy Republicans’

GOPCowards ad screenshot

Screenshot / Twitter

One Lincoln Project Regional Press Secretary wrote, “Years from now, will you be able to look back on this time and say you did all you could to save our country?”

A Twitter user made a very good comparison, calling Trump supporters “Vichy Republicans,” in reference to the Vichy French who supported Adolf Hitler.

It’s time to decide: America or Trump!

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