‘Grifters in every sense’: New anti-Trump ad slams the epic hypocrisy of Eric

A photograph of Eric Trump.


Eric Trump is eviscerated in the latest at by MeidasTouch — the progressive media group behind some of the hardest-hitting ads this election cycle.

In “Bye Eric: A Total Phony,” the President’s second youngest son is held up to ridicule.


MeidasTouch has done it again. #ByeEric has gone viral!

Verbal jiu-jitsu

A collection of rubber stamps


The video splices together footage of Eric Trump speaking with images that undermine the very words coming out of his mouth. He condemns those hypocrites who live in lavish houses while background footage plays of the Trump family lounging around underneath chandeliers.

And Twitter never forgets…

In 2017, Forbes published an article alleging that Eric Trump had funneled donations into his pocket from his foundation for children with cancer. Later the Trump family-run charity was forced to shut down.

One Trump pointing a finger at another

Trump standing at a podium pointing at the crowd

Official White House Photo / Joyce N. Boghosian

While Eric spouts forth about crazy conspiracy theorists, his father is shown ranting about the “fake news” media and his plans to shut down TikTok. In effect, the pot (son) is calling the kettle (father) black.

Eric Trump bemoans ‘swamp’ people

A photograph of a watery swamp.

Unsplash / arsalan arianmehr

In a moment of almost comic hypocrisy, Eric Trump refers to the “swamp” people mired in corruption, over footage of Steve Bannon being arrested for $1million fraud. The ex-advisor to the President was arrested over defrauding donors to the “We Build the Wall Campaign” of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bannon, who was arrested while on board his 152-meter yacht, pled guilty to the charges.

The beauty of the MeidasTouch approach is they use Trump’s words against him. Like a killer jiu-jitsu move where the opponent’s force is used to defeat them, Eric condemns only himself and his family.

MeidasTouch doing their ‘civic duty’ by exposing Eric

Trump family in a golden room

Flickr / mccauleys-corner

MeidasTouch said:

Ultimately decided we wouldn’t be doing our civic duty if we didn’t give Eric the MeidasTouch treatment to once again show any undecided voter just how heinous and puke-inducing Eric and the Trump’s are.

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