‘Blue State Genocide’: GOP group’s devastating ad brands Kushner as ‘Evil’

Jared Kushner sitting in a chair

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Thanks to The Lincoln Project, Kushner’s “evil” is there for all to see. Jared Kushner had a leading role in Trump’s deadly coronavirus response.

Twitter is all over the one-minute ad ‘Evil’ from the Lincoln Project.

See the ‘Evil’

The Lincoln Project says, “The ad, ‘Evil,’ shows that Jared Kushner prioritized the President’s reelection above public health, ignoring testing from states with Democratic leadership, resulting in the loss of nearly 200,000 lives and counting.”

This is not a theory, just a conspiracy

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Vanity Fair’s Katherine Eban details the trail of Kushner evil as Jared presided over developing “a comprehensive plan that would have massively ramped up and coordinated testing for COVID-19 at the federal level.” But then a member of Kushner’s team mused that, “because the virus had hit blue states hardest…that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy.”

And the federal coronavirus testing plan vanished.

What’s that word for when you kill a bunch of one type of person? Oh, yeah — genocide.

COVID -19 spike in Kushner evil

Jared Kushner speaks at a conservative conference.

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After Jared was caught lying about the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), saying it was just a stopgap. But the SNS was actually there for all of America to respond to emergencies. That is until the SNS website was changed to match Kushner’s “it’s ours” rhetoric.

Just one example of Kushner evil

Jared Kushner sitting in a chair and grinning

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The focus of the Lincoln project ad on Jared Kushner touches on just one aspect of his evil. The hashtag #JaredIsEvil is starting to take off on Twitter, and there is no shortage of material.

The gloves are coming off

A pair of boxing gloves hanging


Maybe reporters need to be more blunt: “Mr. President, is Jared Kushner evil?”

Sick of the polite questions from reporters, Twitter users prefer the tell-it-like-it-is Lincoln Project Kushner ad.

So how many people has Kushner evil killed?

A photograph of tombstones in a graveyard.


The Lincoln Project Kushner ad tells us not to call the Trump response to coronavirus incompetent. “It is what it is: evil.”

Kushner is evil, but is he also too stupid to realize that disease spreads?

The Number of the Beast

A photograph of Jared Kushner at an event

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If people pay attention to the Lincoln Project, Kushner won’t have many renters.

Fans of the Omen never trusted Evil Jared.

Happy to be part of the team

Mock photo of "Washington Orangeskins"

Screenshot / Twitter

Son-in-law. MVP. Pinch hitter. This Lincoln Project Kushner ad is pointing to one member of the Trump team.

So who is gonna stop the evil? Not the Republicans.

Vote evil Kushner out

Two little toothpick flags. One says vote

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Even though he is the target of this video from The Lincoln Project, Kushner wasn’t even elected.

Want to get rid of evil Jared? Vote for Joe Biden. Because when Trump goes, they all go.

Wondering if you can vote by mail? Check! ⇓

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