‘Absolutely brutal’: Twitter cheers former Trump senior DHS official as she eviscerates the President

‘You’ve absolutely failed’: Ex-Trump administration member slams old boss

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In a viral ad created by Republican Voters Against Trump, former Homeland Security assistant secretary Elizabeth Neumann slammed her former boss…and Twitter stood up and cheered.

“A very common refrain that I was asked was, ‘Does the president’s rhetoric make your job harder?’” she told the audience. Neumann continued, “And the answer is yes! The president’s actions and his language are in fact racist.”

‘Absolutely Brutal’

As a member of the Department of Homeland Security, Neumann saw all kinds of problems. “We started to see the rise of the white supremacist agenda,” she relayed. She then said that Trump’s words “gave permission to white supremacists to think that what they were doing was permissible.”

Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill shared the video, calling it, “absolutely brutal.” Other Twitter users had opinions as well.

The right message

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“I do think that the president’s divisive language is indirectly tied to some of the attacks that we have seen in the last two years,” Neumann says in the now viral ad.

Twitter thinks her sentiments need to be spread far and wide.

Trump is not ‘pro-life’

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Neumann admitted that she had voted for Trump “primarily because of the pro-life issue.” However, later on in the video, she noted that while the government had plans for a pandemic fifteen years in advance, Trump ignored the warning signs.

“He didn’t want the economy to tank, and he didn’t want a distraction from his campaign,” she said. “I’m sorry Mr. President. You were hired to handle America’s worst day. And you’ve absolutely failed.”

‘We’re all voting for Biden. Prepare to be shocked.’

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Twitter users were happy to proclaim their choice in 2020.

Make sure you’re ready to vote on November 3rd.

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