‘It was about getting viral online content’: Trump aide blurts out real reason feds were sent to Portland

Federal officers arresting a Portland protestor

Screenshot / Twitter

There’s always a method to the madness. It’s no coincidence that Donald J. Trump sent his secret police thugs into Portland to stir up trouble — because his flailing campaign needed footage of chaos for their anti-Biden ads.

From “I alone can fix it” to “I alone can fabricate it.” Violence sells. Even if it’s manufactured.

Propaganda queen Kellyanne Conway verified what many have known for weeks.

The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order.

If the uninvited feds were actually in Portland TO HELP DIFFUSE THE SITUATION — which is their JOB! — they wouldn’t have approached the protesters with all-out aggression. Instead of de-escalating the tensions, they intentionally amplified them — perfect images for the Trump brand to peddle.

An administration official spelled it out even more than Kellyanne.

It was about getting viral online content.

Read that sentence again. “It was about getting viral online content.” People lost their eyes, got their limbs shattered, and faces burned. But getting protesters to play unwitting extras for B-roll propaganda just seems to be par for the course for this horrible administration.

One More Thing…

Twitter #Bluefall proves we need police reform — in one video of police brutality against activists after another, after another...

Screenshot / Twitter

Why Democratic cities?

  • Black Americans identify as Democrats by more than an 8-1 ratio.
  • Places with large Black populations tend to be large cities, often led by Democrats.
  • Black Lives Matter protests are more likely to occur in Democratic cities — because that’s where a large proportion of Black Americans live — and are often killed.
  • It’s far more likely that one of these protests will have a mayor that isn’t a Republican which means Trump can pick a fight with them and sabotage the situation.

Trump wants it both ways. The violence in cities isn’t Washington’s responsibility. But if Biden wins, it will be.

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