‘Trump disrespects those who serve’: Devastating VoteVets ad sets Twitter on fire

Trump speaking to military

Screenshot / CBS News

If the elections were held today, Donald Trump would lose the military vote in a landslide — 60 percent of active-duty officers disapprove of his presidency.

VoteVets delivers a crushing new ad decimating the President.


“Our military has been repeatedly BETRAYED by Trump.”

He’s a five-time draft dodger

Puerto Rico's Borinqueneers

National Guard

In 1968, a 22-year-old Donald Trump was asked to serve his country in the Vietnam War. The young man seemed in good health. He was 6 feet 2 inches and an athlete. Instead of joining his brothers-in-arms, Trump got a doctor’s note. He could not serve because he had “bone spurs.”

This was the fifth time young Trump had dodged the draft, and it earned him the nickname “Cadet Bone Spurs.”

Twitter never forgets.

‘He abandoned our Kurdish allies in Syria’

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Nearly one year ago, Trump made a decision that rocked the nation. He withdrew all the U.S. troops from the Syria-Turkey border, effectively deserting all Kurdish allies to an invasion by Turkey. The move was catastrophic — an estimated 130,000 Kurdish families were forced to abandon their homes and flee.

Russia, Turkey, and Iran approved the move, and ISIS was strengthened. Trump did not seek permission from Congress or the Pentagon.

Trump views troops as disposable

Trump talking to Putin

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In ‘You Lose,’ the narrator reminds us that Trump “wouldn’t stand up for our troops when Putin put bounties on their heads.”

Earlier this year, an official report warned that a Russian GRU unit had bounties on the heads of American and British soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump ignored these warnings and has yet to take any action or make any statement to Russia in response to the report.

Trump’s refusal to defend America’s national security is dangerous

Trump in a MAGA hat


In 2016, a large part of Trump’s presidential campaign appeared to be about protecting the troops. He pledged to pull American soldiers out of foreign conflicts. If anything, he has expanded military commitments.

Twitter prefers commanders-in-chief who are not criminals

Trump standing behind a podium

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In June, Trump sent the first federal agents to break up the Portland protests. He has repeatedly warned he will use the National Guard against protestors. Trump used an archaic law called the 1807 Insurrection Act to deploy federal law enforcement.

However, many critics argue the use of military force against civilians is unconstitutional.

Vote Vets are ‘right on target’

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Vote Vets posted the video ‘You Lose’ on Twitter to a resounding roar of approval. Largely, users applauded the message and condemned “Cadet Bone Spurs” for betraying the military.

Yet…41% isn’t all veterans

Person holding a Trump flag riding through Portland

Screenshot / YouTube

There are still those defending the president…

…as hard to believe as that may be.

Vote Vets make no bone spurs about it

Screenshot / YouTube

“Donald Trump, you are going to lose.”

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