This week boasts the ‘most effective’ anti-Trump ads yet

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While the RNC definitely gave enough fuel for a powerful round of ads from anti-Trump groups this week, the president himself added his own kindling. From disparaging fallen soldiers to rambling about shadow people, this week has been full of viral video fodder.

With the election just around the corner, you may want to catch up on any anti-Trump ads you might have missed.


Kicking off the list, the Biden campaign launched “Decepciones,” reminding Latinx viewers that Trump has lied… and lied…and lied.


Sunday was a big day for new anti-Trump ads!, The Lincoln Project let us know that “you don’t have to be Black to be outraged; you need to be American and outraged,” in their ad “Doc,” featuring clips from NBA coach Doc River’s emotional speech on social injustice.

Don Winslow films also delivered a compelling ad, with “An Open Letter to Republicans.” Some on Twitter called this the “most effective” anti-Trump ad yet.

A second Lincoln Project ad dropped Sunday. “School,” told it like it is — Trump wants to re-open the country way too soon after failing to contain the virus in the first place.

Also not afraid to call it out was the MeidaTouch ad, “Trump Terrorism,” letting everyone know that even though they aren’t denounced as terrorists, Trump followers have been known to engage in domestic terrorism.


MeidaTouch kicked off their busy week with a compilation of Republicans telling viewers why they’re voting for Biden.



The Lincoln Project dropped a new one on Tuesday. This ad hit Trump where it really hurts — in his ratings.

MeidasTouch did not pull any punches in Tuesday’s anti-Trump ad. Dr. Bandy Lee discusses the president’s “deranged pathology”.


Republican Voters Against Trump went after one of the president’s false talking points in their Wednesday ad.

Also on Wednesday, VoteVets dropped “Losing,” an anti-Trump ad that highlights how poorly he is polling with the nation’s military.

The Biden campaign addressed the civil unrest sweeping the nation in an ad titled “Be Not Afraid.”

Another ad with a focus on the military. The Lincoln Project put out “POW” on Wednesday, reminding everyone that “our soldiers deserve a president that has their backs”.


On Thursday, Biden went after Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic — pinpointing the ways that his election will make things better.

Keeping the iron in the fire, the Biden team also went after Trump’s attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act in the heartfelt ad “Personal.”

Not done yet, the Biden campaign also dropped “Depleted” attacking Trump’s payroll tax plan.


After a bombshell Atlantic article dropped, the anti-Trump ads came out hot. MeidasTouch went for the jugular in “Draft Dodger Don.” The media group states: “Trump demeans, degrades and disgraces our troops.”

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