‘Slimy sycophant’: GOP group takes down Lindsey Graham in new viral ad

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“Some animals are parasitic. They drink the lifeblood of their hosts. In fact, whatever they touch and spread like a virus.” How else would you describe Lindsey Graham?

The Lincoln Project turns their blowtorch on Lindsey Graham in their latest ad: “Parasite.”


Footage of slithering worms, bacteria, and other parasites cuts suddenly to the face of the South Carolina Senator.

Twitter loves a science lesson that takes down a politician

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In the video, Graham begins with scathing remarks of the President. He calls Trump “a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious pig.”

In the next shot, Graham is seen fawning over the President. He describes the man he called “unfit for office” as the “greatest Commander since Ronald Reagan.” In case that didn’t get the turncoat symbolism across, he adds:

“I love him to death.”

Just like a parasite.

What happened to Lindsey Graham?

Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden clasping hands

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Graham grew up in a poor household. His parents died when he was in college, at which point he took care of and legally adopted his 13-year old sister.

The Republican Senator was even left-leaning for the early part of his career. He voted for two of Obama’s Supreme Court nominees: Sotomayor and Kagan.

His stunning about-face on Donald Trump demonstrated a hypocrisy and self-serving streak that lost him many supporters. The change was so dramatic rumors circulated that Trump was blackmailing the Senator.

‘My Lindsey, My Lindsey’

Side by side of Lindsey Graham and Trump

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Some users thought this was the Lincoln Project’s best video yet.

Others found it ‘too repulsive’

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Others criticized the video for being “too repulsive.” Some users thought the video would alienate viewers with the footage of parasites in the beginning.

What about Jaime Harrison?

South Carolina Democratic Jaime Harrison


Some users suggested that the video would have been more powerful if it had promoted Graham’s Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison. Graham was leading, but as November 3rd approaches the men are neck-to-neck to take the Republican’s seat in Senate.

Twitter has more suggestions

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As always, there was a goldmine of new ideas following the video.

Remember their names

Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden shaking hands

Screenshot / YouTube

In the world of digital information, every word is recorded, shared, and stored. Graham once called Biden, “A good a man as Trump ever created.”

He had other wise words:

“You know how you make America great again, tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”

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