Trump ‘ACTIVELY withheld LIFE SAVING information.’ But now blames Woodward for it—so Twitter implodes.

Donald Trump giving a speech

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In an explosive audio release by Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, Trump admitted that he “always wanted to play it down,” COVID-19 while also saying the virus was “deadly.” Publicly, he claimed it was a “hoax” that was going to “disappear.”

In a press briefing after the release, Trump found a new way to shift the blame. Woodward, not Trump, was at fault.

“If Bob Woodward thought what I said was bad, then he should have immediately, right after I said it, gone out to the authorities so they can prepare and let them know. But he didn’t do that,” Trump told the press.

The media is at fault…not Trump

Vintage photo of reporters in a news room


Trump’s favorite scapegoat is the media. This one Twitter user hit the nail on the head with this meme:

Obama never did this


CNN op-ed contributor Dean Obeidallah pointed out that President Obama never did anything like this while he handled the Ebola crisis.

The outrage over the handful of deaths in the Obama administration seems pathetic compared to the hundreds of thousands of deaths that happened during the Trump administration.

Who else is complicit?

Dr. deborah Birx appears at a White House coronavirus briefing.

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While Trump has done some major damage, he clearly isn’t alone in this, as Dr. Dena Grayson stated.

Dr. Birx also decided to throw stones at the World Health Organization while all this was going on as well.

Didn’t he want everyone back in school?

Child at a table wearing a facemask


Don Winslow stated may have said it best.

Don’t forget, Trump also held several rallies during this time.

Who are these ‘authorities’?

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Trump’s press briefing left a couple of questions unanswered. But the biggest one was: who were these authorities that Woodward was supposed to report to? Isn’t the president the highest authority in the land?

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