Why whistleblowers are our last gasp before fascism

Chad Wolf with his lips pursed


Brian Murphy is a hero. Chad Wolf is the opposite of one.

Murphy is the latest government employee to exhibit courage by blowing the whistle on the Department of Homeland Security, which, he said, pressured him to suppress facts in intelligence reports that Trump might not like, “because it made the President look bad.”

Instead of supplying facts and information, Murphy was instructed to work backward and make his reports fit the president’s choosen narratives.

Chad Wolf is the “acting” head of the Department of Homeland Security. According to the Vacancies Reform Act, he can only hold his position for 210 days. It’s now been 302. Spoiler alert: that second number is bigger. So not only is Chad not qualified to do his job, he is doing it illegally.

Other bad actors

Ken Cuccinelli looking scared and confused


According to Murphy, Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli — also currently holding his job ILLEGALLY — and former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen each made him change his intelligence reports to match Trump’s talking points.

In 2018, he was ordered to help Nielsen lie about the threat of suspected terrorists entering the United States from Mexico. He was told to “vastly overstate” the number of migrants apprehended at the border who had links to terrorist organizations. Murphy said that it would be improper and illegal. Nielsen sent the trumped-up numbers to Trump anyway.

Meanwhile, Cuccinelli told Murphy to downplay the threat by white supremacists and amp up the threat by left-wing groups that would correspond to Trump’s lies about Antifa.

Fortunately, Murphy refused and said that would “constitute an abuse of authority and improper administration of an intelligence program.” You’ll never guess what happened next…or maybe you will. He was removed from the project.

A Wolf in wolf’s clothing

Trump and Putin talking with Russian words written across it

Screenshot / YouTube

In July, Wolf was at it again. Murphy was instructed to sit on any reports detailing Russian election interference because they “made the president look bad.” Instead, Murphy was told to focus on interference by other nations, like China and Iran.

Thanks to Brian Murphy, now we know.

When you read the below quote, I suggest you play a laugh-track.

“DHS stands in absolute opposition to any form of violent extremism whether by white supremacist extremists or anarchist extremists…” — Chad Wolf, the illegally acting head of Department of Homeland Security

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