‘The worst president in American history’: This week’s best anti-Trump ads

Trump standing in front of a microphone


As the election day gets ever closer, the anti-Trump ads are hitting hard and fast. With new revelations and bombshells dropping by the day, there is always new content to include.

This week, the ads touched on Prisoners of War, 9/11, and the radicalization of the right.


Still reeling from the previous week’s Trump scandals, Republican Voters Against Trump dropped a video called “The Choice”. It contrasts the way Biden speaks about those who serve in the military and Trump’s “losers and suckers” statements. RVAT thinks the choice is pretty clear.


“DJT Has NPD” was dropped on Monday. This viral ad by the media group MeidasTouch exposes Trump’s malignant narcissism which “makes him the biggest threat to America’s security.”

GOP group The Lincoln Project released a video of their own on Monday called “UnAmerican“. TLP said “serving the nation is the epitome of American honor” — something Trump doesn’t understand.


Don Winslow Films popped in with an anti-Trump ad on Tuesday called “#TrumpIsNotLikeYou”. It picks apart Trump’s schtick that he is just like you when, in reality, he has “never worked a hard day in his entire life.”

Another video made waves on Tuesday. “Trump’s Radical Right”, created by MeidasTouch, focuses on domestic terrorism, and the way that “Trump has radicalized his supporters.”

VoteVets added their own video to the Tuesday pile with “POW”. This ad gives us the words of 98-year-old PVT Dan Crowley who became a Prisoner of War during WWII. He condemns Trump’s words from The Atlantic article.

TLP also thinks Trump is radicalizing his supporters which is why they released “Radicalize” on Tuesday.

But Tuesday was a busy day for The Lincoln Project, and they released a second anti-Trump video. This one is called “Fallen Heroes”, and it calls the President out as a “dishonorable coward.”


After the news broke about the Woodward interviews, the content started pouring out! MeidasTouch was quick to release ‘Pretend President: Trump Downplayed the Pandemic” on Wednesday.


MeidasTouch explains why “America Needs Biden” in Thursday’s viral video. We can’t survive another four years of the “devastatingly incompetent Trump”.

Another Thursday video! RVAT gave us “113 Reasons REPUBLICANS Aren’t Voting for Trump in 2020”.


The Lincoln Project did not hold back in Friday’s video simply titled “9/11”. The GOP group unequivocally states that Trump is “the worst president in American history.”

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