Celebrities are making Pinky Promises and joining the #VoteLikeAMadre movement. Are you?

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Latina moms all over the country are taking to Instagram to make the most important promise a mom can make this year - a pinky promise to vote for a candidate that will do the most to stop climate change. Karla Souza and Eva Longoria, among other beloved Latina celebrity moms, have joined the movement to share why they will #VoteLikeAMadre this coming November.

The movement centers around the pinky promise, urging moms who make the promise with their kids to post a selfie and tag other Madres to embolden them to do the same. Whether you are a tia, abuelita, or madrina, you can make the promise too so that the kids in your life can grow up with clean air and clean water.

Climate change is the greatest threat facing the future of our families. #VoteLikeAMadre is a movement encouraging Latina moms to use their vote to ensure their kids can grow up in a healthy planet. We’ve gathered a sampling of our favorite Pinky Promise posts below - please enjoy and if you are inspired, make the Pinky Promise!

Jennifer Lopez

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez said, “Max and Emme are my world. When I think about what their lives will be like if we ignore the significant impact climate change is having on our planet, it breaks my heart. We need to do something about it and take action NOW. That’s why I’m pinky promising to #VoteLikeAMadre for candidates who believe in science and will work to protect the environment.”

Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria wrote, “Like any mom, I think about Santi’s future a lot, and how we can build a better world for him to step into. And y’all, one of the biggest places to start is addressing climate change. I’m pinky promising mi amor that I will #VoteLikeAMadre this November, and support candidates who are going to fight climate change and safeguard his future.”

Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba chimed in as well, writing, “Make a pinky promise with me and my partner in life and love, @cash_warren! We are stepping up and participating in the #VoteLikeAMadre campaign. We want a better world for our kids. And that starts with addressing the issue of climate change and #VOTING.”

Desi Perkins

YouTuber Desi Perkins added her support, “As a new mama to be, I often think about the current climate and what it means to bring new life into it. I think back on how I looked to my mother to provide me with guidance and all the things I’ve learned from her that have shaped me into the mother I am becoming. That’s why this November, I’m making a pinky promise to #VoteLikeAMadre.”

Lisa Vidal

Star Trek actress Lisa Vidal wrote, “My children Scott, Max and Olivia mean everything to me in my life! Climate change will impact their lives and the lives of my grandchildren and so on and so forth and the lives of all our children. We need to do something about it and take action now. That’s why am pinky promising to #VoteLikeAMadre.”

Maria Elena Salinas (CBS)

Independent journalist, CBS contributor, and Hispanic media icon Maria Elena Salinas wrote, “Nobody gets to steal my daughter’s future. We need to stop polluters from heating our planet and robbing our kids of the natural world. I’m pinky promising my daughters Julia and Gaby to #VoteLikeaMadre for candidates who will fight against #climatechange.”

Zoe Saldana

Actress Zoe Saldana had some words of wisdom to share. “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family. — Mother Teresa #familyfirst #votelikeamadre #sunnydays.”

…and Madres just like you!

It’s not just celebrities that are making the pinky promise to their kids - anyone can #VoteLikeAMadre. Latina moms from everyday life are joining the cause and making their voices heard.

Feeling inspired? Make the pinky promise to your kids that you’ll #VoteLikeAMadre. Take a selfie, post it on Instagram, and nominate other moms in your life to do the same. Together, we can demand action from our elected officials and, most importantly, we can build a better future for our children.

Disclaimer: This sponsored article was produced and distributed in partnership with Latino Victory Project, in support of the Vote Like a Madre campaign.

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