Trump is the opposite of ‘pro-life’. Here’s a look at all the blood on his hands.


The president says he is “pro-life,” but among those who have already been born, it hard to keep track of how many people Trump kills. The president may have taken up the common Republican political position of being anti-abortion, but that doesn’t mean he cares about anybody else’s life.

Almost 200,000 coronavirus deaths

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Bob Woodward’s recordings of Trump prove that the president has known since February how deadly the coronavirus was, and how easy it was to spread. Even as the president called children “virtually immune,” he knew that this was a lie.

The Trump administration dropped a coronavirus testing program because they thought more Democrats would die.

When governors were left to fend for themselves, the president drove the wedge deeper between Americans, tweeting for his followers to “liberate” states from lockdowns implemented to stop the spread of disease.

COVID-19, not Trump, kills its victims. But how many lives might have been spared if the president had chosen just one lie not to tell? How many families might still be whole if Trump had not treated this virus as a political issue?

Trump uses the coronavirus as an excuse to send children to die

Trump miming shooting a gun

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The Trump administration used coronavirus as an excuse to expel nearly 160,000 asylum seekers, including 8,800 unaccompanied children. While in the US, they were held at hotels by “unlicensed contractors” without their information being recorded.

Many did not test positive for coronavirus, but COVID-19 was used as an excuse to send them south across the border into Mexico to face whatever awaits.

Trump wants to destroy the Affordable Care Act

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If COVID-19 doesn’t get you, Trump wants to be sure something else will. His administration has fought a constant war on the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

While previous administrations have typically defended the laws they inherited, the current DOJ will be in front of the Supreme Court arguing against Obamacare on November 10. Probably even if Trump loses the election.

He’ll take healthcare from poor people too

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A Trump-approved Medicaid work requirement makes it harder for people with low income to stay on Medicaid health insurance. This led to over 18,000 people losing their health insurance in Arkansas alone. New Hampshire and Kentucky were on track for similar disasters until those states scrapped the plan.

The work-requirement policy was reversed in Arkansas by a federal court decision.

Some states are implementing work requirements for their health plan, while others wait to see how this plays out in the courts. Of course, the Trump administration is in court arguing for the work-requirements. And the more people who lose their health care, the more people will die.

Actually, Trump will take health care away from anybody he can

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Trump policies have limited access to birth control, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and women’s access to breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Trump appointee Roger Severino, an “anti-LGBTQ-rights activist,” used his post at the Department of Health and Human Services to try to undermine transgender people’s access to health care.

Immigrants rank high among those that Trump kills with his policies. Separating families wasn’t enough; his administration refused to vaccinate immigrants against the flu, leading to the deaths of at least three children. When a group of doctors arrived ready to vaccinate the children being held for free, they were turned away.

And it was just over a year ago that the Trump administration tried to issue another death sentence when it ended a deferred action program that allowed immigrants to remain in the US while undergoing life-saving treatments.

Trump brings back the Death Penalty

A grainy photograph of the first electric chair


The number of executions around the country has declined in recent years as states grapple with the number of people executed for crimes they did not commit, as well as methods for execution.

Trump’s Attorney General William Barr aimed to cover some lost ground by scheduling the first federal executions since 2003. So while Trump kills these men, he will leave the blood on Bill Barr’s hands.

Trump kills by reversing environmental protections


Trump’s climate change denial and decimation of environmental protections is a war on the planet. And he’s going to take plenty of people out along the way.

Half of US wetlands are now unprotected from toxins and pesticides, along with the drinking water supply of 117 million Americans. Added mercury from power plants and poor air quality from methane emissions alone will lead to thousands of deaths each year.

The New York Times keeps an interactive list of what environmental regulations Trump kills.

No gun control — for anyone

A hand points a gun at the viewer from out of the shadows.

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Trump has not supported any sort of background checks for people buying guns.

No background checks after the El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH mass shootings, even though 90% of Americans support universal background checks. Not for people who have been convicted of assaulting or stalking a partner, even though 496 women have been shot and killed since the Violence Against Women Act expired.

But Trump does not support the Violence Against Women Act.

He abandons U.S. soldiers and allies

U.S. Army

Trump fails to protect the members of our military and leaves our allies to their fate.

From abandoning Kurdish allies in Syria, and siphoning money from military projects to build his wall, to ignoring Russian bounties put on U.S. soldiers, Trump has been willing to sacrifice those who serve the entire time he has been in office.

If all else fails, Trump will starve people to death

Kasun Chamara / Pixabay

Trump is well on his way to cutting food assistance to three million people in the US.

Using executive orders to circumvent Congress, the president has put severe limits on who can receive assistance. It is no surprise that these new rules will target the poorest Americans, and particularly those with children. And while he’s at it, Trump kills off jobs as well.

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