Want to stop billions of single-use water bottles being trashed each year? Vote for clean water.

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Bottled water has enjoyed explosive growth as an industry in recent years. There are places in the world where bottled water is a necessary choice, but it is often more expensive than drinking from the tap and creates a lot of plastic waste.

Michael O’Heaney, Executive Director of The Story of Stuff Project says, “Bottled water is 1000 times more expensive than water from the tap.” And the expense isn’t just the amount you pay at the store. There is also an environmental expense!

According to National Geographic, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. And a lot of those plastic bottles end up in the ocean each year. “Billions of single-use throwaway bottles, because they are made to be thrown away, become trash and pollution,” warns the Senior Vice President for Oceana.

For those that live in communities where the tap water is safe to drink, it is easy to become part of the solution. However, not everyone has that luxury, even in the United States. Flint, Michigan has been dealing with a water crisis for five years.

Is your water safe to drink?

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If you are worried about the tap water in your home, public information about your water safety is available from your water company.

A call to that phone number on your utility bill should lead you to a report on the water quality in your area.

But the best way to ensure there is clean water in your community is with your vote!

Vote Like A Madre

Two hands joined in the Vote Like A Madre pinky promise.

Vote Like A Madre

The new movement Vote Like A Madre is calling Latina moms from across the US to action. When Americans go to the polls on November 3rd, Latino voters will make up the second-largest voting bloc in the US, as well as the largest non-white voting bloc. Madres are coming together to use their enormous voting power, and choosing candidates based on one simple principle.

“In November, when we vote,” Jennifer Lopez explains, “we will be voting with our children’s future in mind.”

Madres “pinky promise” their kids to vote for leaders with a plan to protect clean water and clean air, leaders who will help communities already affected by pollution and climate change.

The movement grows as more and more madres share their Pinky Promise on social media using #VoteLikeAMadre.

How do I pick a candidate who cares about clean water?

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“The quality of drinking water in the United States remains high,” reads the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Infrastructure Report Card. But the report does point to needs in the American water supply. Aside from areas that do need cleaner water, there are “an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year in the United States…wasting over two trillion gallons of treated drinking water.”

About $1 trillion will be required to maintain current services, repair those in need, and expand water supply networks over the next 25 years. Leaders who have a plan for investing in infrastructure like water supply will help address these needs. These are particularly important in the parts of the country that do need clean water.

Disclaimer: This sponsored article was produced and distributed in partnership with Latino Victory Project, in support of the Vote Like a Madre campaign.

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