‘Brilliant marketing’: Patagonia has Twitter cheering for their new anti-Trump clothing label

Patagonia tag that says "vote the assholes out"

Screenshot / Twitter

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of Patagonia shorts and checked the label for cleaning instructions, you may have been shocked — yet, pleased — to read the tag: “Vote the Assholes Out.” Yes, in stark contrast to the “Made in China” label inside much MAGA merch, Patagonia actually walks the walk when it comes to caring about America.


  • Makes their products out of nearly 70% recycled materials, including plastic bottles
  • Won 2019 United Nations Champion of the Earth Award
  • Offers a repair and reuse policy
  • Donates 1% of their profits to environmental causes
  • Discourages customers from buying too many of its products

Team Trump does follow in Patagonia’s footsteps. Melania reuses Michelle Obama’s speeches, and Senator Martha McSally encourages her constituents to skip a meal to donate to her campaign…that’s pretty much the same, right?

Naturally, the Twitteratti was all over this:

Not being an assh*le is actually good for business

Trump in a MAGA hat


In 2017, Trump’s band of thieves shrank Bears Ears National Monument and Patagonia wasn’t having any of it. Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, had the company’s homepage changed to “The President Stole Your Land”. He then sued the President!

Getting people involved in climate causes

Street signs that say "Climate Change" and "Corona"


The fires on the West Coast are a grim reminder that we’re running out of time. Patagonia has sent us yet another wake-up call to deny climate-deniers a gig in D.C.

Fixing the planet starts with your vote

Artistas Latinas wearing vote tee shirts

Screenshot / Instagram

But after watching Trump be the most anti-environmental president ever you probably realized that after the past 46 months, right?

The tiny label that was more powerful than a billboard

Trump property with a sign that says "Pay Trump bribes here"


The amazing thing about the Patagonia labels is they’ve been on shorts all of 2020 and people are just noticing now. I guess when you never go outside (thanks, pandemic!) you don’t have to worry about doing laundry.

One foot in Russia and the other in China

Trump talking to Putin

Screenshot / YouTube

I guess when his audit is over and he shows us his taxes, we’ll find out!

And of course there were plenty of knock-offs to go around

Photo of a Trump rally

Screenshot / CNN

No, I wasn’t talking about QAnon’s knock-offs of knowledge. That’s just bat-shit insanity.

Other companies are also doing good things!

A sticker that says I voted

Unsplash / Phillip Goldsberry

Hopefully, corporate goodwill spreads so fast we’ll need a vaccine to slow it down.

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